5 Things you can do with your old Laptop

Do you have an old Laptop lying around in your store room? Do you want to make it work again or use it for getting things done? You can make your old laptop work/in use again. Here are 5 Things you can do with your old Laptop.

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1. Upgrade it’s hardware and bring it back to life.

Yes, you heard it right. You can upgrade it’s hardware to bring it back to life. RAMs and Hard Disks are available at very reasonable prices now-a-days. You can shop online on sites like: Amazon, Snapdeal or Flipkart to make purchases and save even more. After upgrading you can install Windows or a light weight Linux distro on it. It might not be able to perform intensive tasks but it will definitely do light tasks like: Word Processing, Web Browsing, Watching Videos easily. You can watch the video here, if you don’t know How to upgrade RAM and HDD?

2. Convert it into an always on downloading centre.

We all download many things on a daily basis. If you are a movie lover like me, then you can use your laptop as an always on media downloading centre. You can install a Linux distro like SparkyLinux on it and you are ready to go. SparkyLinux is like plug and play. Additionally, you can buy a laptop cooling pad to avoid heating issues. You can set your torrent client to download your favourite TV Show’s Episodes as soon as they become available.

3. Use it as a Wi-Fi Router.

You can use your old router as a Wi-Fi router. You can connect your laptop with LAN Cable and then you can create a wireless access point, so that other devices can connect to it. You can use freeware like: mHotSpot to convert your laptop into a virtual router. As your laptop has some storage capabilities, you can also share files within the network.

4. Exchange it while buying something new.

Exchange Device

Online Shopping Sites like: Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. gives you an option to exchange your old laptop while you buy a new gadget from them. This offer is available on selected product. ReGlobe powered by Snapdeal is a service where you can trade-in your old laptop. You can trade-in your old laptop while buying something new. It will give you an additional discount and you will be able to get rid off your old and chunky laptop.

5. Sell it Online.

You can always sell your old laptop online, even if it’s broken. There are web portals like: OLX, Quickr where you can easily find a perfect buyer for things you don’t need. Make sure that you post enough details and pictures. Products with more pictures and accurate description sells faster. eBay is another safer option, if you are planning to sell your laptop.

Bonus: Use it as a Media Center.

XBMC Media Center

Another cool thing you can do with your old laptop is to use it as a Media Center. You can install XBMC on it and get a universal remote like: Logitech Harmony and you are good to go. XBMC has some great features which will help you manage your movies and TV shows more effectively. Aero is a good looking XBMC theme. You should install it on your media center. It has some great features like: Movie / TV Description add-on, Automatic subtitle download, Weather News etc. You might want to install a new RAM to power the performance. Installing a new RAM will give you Full HD Playback.

That’s it folks. Do share with us what you did with your old laptop? If you have something else to share, you can post a comment in the comments section. Additionally, like us on Facebook.

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  • May 5, 2015 at 3:06 pm


    Can old notebook be turned into home security system, by monitor house, movements, sound etc.?

    Alarm clock, Screen with calendar, music player, backup disk, torrent proxy, server, video visit, mixer, voice commands, light controller, emergency caller. Live feed notifications, RSS feeder, internet radio, playlists, …


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