Best Addictive Games for Android and iOS

There was a time when Facebook users used to get huge notifications dictating about somebody’s losing an animal on their farm in Farmville or a friend made a house or fire station or stuff like that on Cityville. That was a time when millions of users used to play Farmville or Cityville or other Facebook famous games regularly. Well, such old peerless games are finally taken out but not the requests. These days we see another game’s notifications choke to our Facebook notifications panel and that’s none other than, Candy Crush Saga. Millions of people are addicted to the game including me too.

You may call it a social media curse or the presence of smartphone everywhere worldwide. Be it a meeting or tuition class or travelling alone in a bus, the users keep their eyes stick to their Smartphone’s screens. As there is no way to get off to these things, why don’t join in to play it? Here I have brought three most addictive games for the game-lovers.

Threes puzzle addictive games for android and iOS

THREES (INR 120 on Android and iOS)

This game will make you fall in love with it in just half minute. It is as simple as ABC. You have to use the swipe interface for making the combinations. When the cards come into view; the players have to adjoin them to get totality which can be divided by 3. If you still didn’t understand, let me tell you through an example. The game allows 1 to be added up with 2 and make 3, 3 added with 3 to make with 6, similarly 6 with 6 to make 12 and so on. Unfortunately the game isn’t free on both iOS & Android but for game lovers INR 120 seems nothing to spend on with no additional in-app purchases. If you have loved playing Sudoku, you will surely gonna love this game. Moreover, if you have mathematics, don’t worry; just give it a try this will bring joy in calculations. The vital goal of the game is to compose largest number and hence, highest score.

Two Dots puzzle game for android and iOS

TWO DOTS (Free for iOS)

Many of us remember those own version of “Dot” game played in our school times or childhood. Just a year before, a new game named “Dots” was released and it has been a real hit in the market after its launch. The game’s fame was such that they came with a sequel last month and named it “Two Dots”. The playing method isn’t much different as we all know. We have to just connect dots and arrange connections so that no more dots remain on the display. This isn’t much easy as each level is entitled with limited moves only. Also, Players get power-ups as fast as the play the game. If you need more lives, you have an option to buy through in-app purchase. As you level up the game, it becomes tougher to play.

The game features a plain interface while the soft colour design makes it a blissful for lengthy game plays. Though when time elapses in game runtime, you can either get more time by paying INR 60 or you can wait for 15 minutes. You can also connect to Facebook for challenging against your friends.  The game is available for iPhone users only but the developers are working hard to launch it for Android users. If you want to be notified as the game launched for Android platform, you can subscribe to Two Dots Android support.

Hill Climb Racing for android and iOS

HILL CLIMB RACING (Free on Android and iOS, with in-app purchases)
For racing game lovers and for others too, this game is great and will surely make you fall in love with its fun driving experience as well as vehicles and stages. In starting you get only Jeep as vehicle, Countryside as stage and as soon as you play you get coins. You can unlock more stages and vehicles as well as upgrade vehicle’s tyres, engines or suspension using coins. If you can spend real money, go for other stuffs as in-app purchases allow you to buy credits.

Some of you might not like the graphics and music in the starting but if you think past the design and interface, you will find it difficult and much more interesting than any other racing game. To keep playing you need to catch all the red fuel tanks coming in the gameplay. One good thing in game is, even when your vehicle is in air you can still control it.

The smartphone world seems never ending with such an amazing games and apps. Anyways, out of the three apps I mentioned above which one is your favourite? Do tell us our viewers about the real adventure of these addictive games.

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