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How To Install Whatsapp On Nokia X

How To Install Whatsapp On Nokia X

If you already have a Nokia X smart phone and you are facing problems while installing WhatsApp then we would like to tell you that WhatsApp is currently not supported by the Nokia Store. But don’t worry this article will teach you how to install Whatsapp on Nokia X unofficially. First of all if you have previously

How To Turn Your Old iPod Into A Security Camera

Manything surveillance app

Home security has been a matter of concern for many and technology has come to our rescue here too. Be it home assistants that can detect smoke or abrupt sounds or security cameras, we now have access to many devices that can help you secure your home. But what if you have some old iPod

How To Increase RAM Of Android Device

How To Increase RAM Of Android Device

If you have an Android device with old hardware and you want to run the modern apps that demand for more RAM then you are at the right place. In this article we will tell you how to increase RAM of your Android device without even rooting it. So let’s get started. Limit Widgets &

How To Play HD Games On Android Without Lag

Chainfire 3D

In this article we will explain you how to play high end games on your Android device without lag with the help of Chainfire 3D. But first you need to root your device because Chainfire 3D needs root permission. Click here to root your Android device. How To Configure Chainfire 3D To Play HD Games Without