7 Tips to Save Battery Life of your iPhone and iPad

7 Tips to Save Battery Life of your iPhone and iPad

Battery life is a huge concern when you own a smartphone, whether it is Android or iPhone, both of them have a serious issue of battery drainage. An iPhone doesn’t even last for a day even when you charge it fully before beginning the day. If your device completes 24 hours in a single charge then its awesome but not every person is as lucky as you. In order to save battery life of your iPhone/iPad, you can implement certain changes to lower the drainage.

The first thing that drains a lot of juice from your battery is the live wallpaper, so if you are using a live wallpaper on your device, then remove it at once. You can also download the Normal App from the app store and it will show you a list of the apps that are draining the most battery life off your smartphone.

If you carry an extra battery-pack or charger to charge your phone whenever you get a chance then this 7 tips are going to help you in improving the performance of your battery life. So without any more delay, let’s see the best ways to save battery life of your iPhone and also your iPad.

Tips to Save Battery Life of Your iPhone

1. Brightness Settings

brightness control iphone

The biggest reason of battery drainage is the brightness of your screen. If you are keeping the brightness level of your iPhone or iPad a lot high then you shouldn’t expect a better battery performance. You can either adjust the brightness level yourself or use the phone’s ambient light sensor to put your phone on Auto-Brightness feature and let it automatically adjust the brightness levels based on the light of your surroundings.

2. Reduce Auto-lock time

reduce auto-lock iphone ipad

You need to reduce the Auto-lock time on your iPhone or just don’t wait for the auto-lock to kick in and just lock your smartphone yourself when you are not using it. You can change the auto-lock time by going to “Settings > General > Auto-Lock” and change the time to 1 minute which is the lowest time frame available.

3. Limit Your Notifications

notification center iphone

If you keep on receiving new notifications again and again, then that is one of the biggest reasons of draining all your battery juice. Unless those notifications are not important, you need to turn them off or reduce it by going to “Settings > Notification Center”. You can select the various apps and services for which you don’t need any notifications.

You can even use the Do Not Disturb feature to turn off the least important notifications in a quick way.

4. Say Goodbye to Parallax

disable parallax iphone ipad

Parallax and dynamic backgrounds, which looks a lot cool and awesome, were introduced to iOS devices with iOS 7 version. Though they look awesome on your screen, it takes a lot of juice out of your battery thus lowering its performance. You can turn it off by going to “Settings > General > Accessibility” and revert back to the standard wallpapers.

5. Stop Auto-updates

auto updates apps iphone

If you are using the Auto-update feature to update all your apps and games automatically then you need to stop it as you might not know when the update starts downloading. You need to conserve your battery life so turn off these feature by going to “Settings > iTunes and App Store” and scroll down till you see the Automatic Downloads. There you will see the Update feature, so tap on the green region and the auto-updates will be turned off.

6. Disable Location Services and Connectivity Options

location services iphone battery

Location Services is a useful feature for your iPhone but leaving it on all the time can cause some serious drainage of your battery. Instead, turn it off and only turn it on when you are travelling or doing any related activities. You can do these by going to “Settings > Privacy > Location Services”.

If you don’t wish to turn off the Location Services completely then you can select the apps that really require this service to functions and turn off the other apps.

Connectivity Options shouldn’t even be in this list to save battery life of your iPhone but almost all the people keep the connectivity options like Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular data on all the time. You need to turn it off whenever you are not using them and turn it on only when required.

7. External Battery Packs

If by applying any of the above methods, you are not witnessing any significant increase in battery life then you use your device a lot and it can’t be helped because your work might be important. So in such a scenario, you need to get an external battery pack for your iOS devices to keep your battery charged all the time. You can refer to this list of the best battery packs on LifeHacker to get started with it.

I hope that these tips will help you to save battery life of your iPhone and even your iPad so please implement these tactics and let me know the changes you witness!

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