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In my Previous Article, I’ve described How to Install Cydia on iOS 5.1.1, Before you can jump into downloading free or paid app, tweaks and customization, you need to customize sources in Cydia.

Few Jailbreak packages by default, inserts few Repositories or Sources in your Cydia app. Cydia without repos nullifies the purpose of the app itself, without any sources added to the app, you couldn’t possibly get a Third-Party app or tweak installed on your iOS device. Here is an exhaustive list of Top 10 Cydia Sources which literally lets you have access to any tweak or app available.

List of Top 10 Cydia Sources 2017

  1. BiteYourApple

    Link: repo.biteyourapple.net

    Description: BitYourApple is one of the most popular Cydia Sources for the year 2012. It consists of a huge library of apps and tweaks.

  2. iHacksRepo

    iHacksRepo Cydia Source

    Link: http://ihacksrepo.com

    Description: iHacksRepo can possibly fetch you almost any possible app your your iOS device, synonymous for it’s gaming emulators and roms.

  3. Insanelyi

    Insanelyi Cydia Sources

    Link: repo.insanelyi.com

    Description: Insanely is one of the best Cydia Source to sideload thousands of thirdparty apps and tweaks

  4. xSellize

    Link: cydia.xsellize.com

    Description: xSellize is renowned for it’s stunning and elegant themes, Console Game Emulators as well as Cool Roms to play around.

  5. Hackulous

    Link: cydia.hackulo.us

  6. Sinful iPhone

    sinful Cydia Source

    Link:  http://sinfuliphonerepo.com

    Description: Sinful is one of the most famous Cydia Sources for your iDevice. Thousands of apps for download

  7. P0dulo

    Link: http://podulo.com

    Description: P0dulo contains a diverse range of apps like Games, Themes, Songs e.t.c

  8. SinFuL

    Link: sinfuliphonerepo.com

    Description: SinFuL Repository is renowned for it’s vast collection of general third-party apps for your iOS devices

  9. Midyouri

    Midyouri Cydia Sources

    Link: repo.midyouri.com

    Description: Midyouri is comparatively less hyped Cydia Source which delivers the best tweaks for your iPhone

  10. iHackStore

    Link: http://ihackstore.com/repo

Description: iHackStore is a trusted source for Jailbreaking apps which include untethering, tether and customizing the Jailbreak

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