Best IFTTT Recipes to Use Pocket like a Pro

If you are a Pocket user, you might have already bookmarked numerous links. However, did you ever think that you could get more out of your regular Pocket app using IFTTT?

Best IFTTT Recipes to Use Pocket like a Pro

You know that IFTTT means If This Then That. In a simple line, IFTTT is an automation service and you can do almost anything in automation. IFTTT comes with tons of plugins those are called Recipes. You can select either ready-made recipe or you can create your own private recipe to get things done.

Pocket is a great read-it later application and a substitute to Instapaper. You can save any content in your Pocket account and access them later. If you use these following IFTTT recipes, you can do more using your Pocket account. You do not have to open your Pocket account to do anything since everything will be done in automation.

Best IFTTT recipes for power Pocket users

In the following list, I am going to mention only recipe name and minimum information about that recipe. You can recognize all the enlisted recipes by their names.


Save “Watch Later” YouTube Videos: It does what it says. Whenever you will mark “Watch Later” on YouTube, the video link will be saved in your Pocket account.

Save “Watch Later” Vimeo Videos: Millions of people use YouTube as well as Vimeo. This recipe will let you save “Watch Later” marked videos in your Pocket account.

Save Favorited Tweets: If you use Twitter a lot and want to save your favorite tweets in your Pocket account, this is the recipe you need.

Save Feedly’s Read Later Articles: Feedly is a popular tool to read current news. If you are a Feedly user and often use “Read Later” option, try this recipe to save them in Pocket.

Save Wikipedia’s Featured Article: You know that Wikipedia marks one of two articles as “featured article”. They select the featured article according to the date. If you want to read those featured article, use this recipe.

Send Gmail Starred Mails: If you want to get starred emails from Gmail to Pocket, you can use this recipe. Whenever, you will add start to any mail, you will get that in your Pocket account.

Send Saved Post from Reddit: Reddit is a popular website to know what is going on. If you are Reddit user and often use the Save button to read something later, here is a recipe for you. By making use of this recipe, you can easily send Saved Reddit posts to your Pocket account.

Get LinkedIN Job Alert: LinkedIN is a different way to get jobs from around the world. You can connect with various networks. However, this recipe will notify you whenever a company posts a job. This recipe will save all suggested jobs in your Pocket account.

Save New Article of Any Blog: If you want to use Pocket as your newspaper, you can try this recipe. By using this IFTTT recipe, you can get all published news from any blog in your Pocket account.

Get NASA’s New Astronomy Pictures: Everyday, NASA posts an astronomy picture on their website. If you use this IFTTT recipe, you can get those pictures in your Pocket account.

Important Note

Whenever, you will try to use any recipe, you will have to authorize your Pocket account along with other respective account i.e. LinkedIN, Twitter etc. This is the first and mandatory step before using any IFTTT recipe.

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