Top 15 Facebook Proxy Sites to Unblock Facebook

Are you unable to open Facebook at your school, office and other places? It could have been blocked by the system administrators or ISP’s due restrictions on the internet connection you are using. Aren’t there any ways to bypass these restrictions and unblock Facebook when it’s blocked? What are Facebook proxy sites?

Heck Yeah! In fact, there’re numerous ways to unblock Facebook at school and office, which you might have come across in my other blog posts here. But today, I am going to discuss with you about the best Proxy sites to unblock Facebook and browse from anywhere. So, without any further ado let’s get to the list of best proxy sites to unblock Facebook.

What is a Proxy site (& How does it work to unblock Facebook)?

Let me tell you about a proxy site and how it works just in case if you don’t know much about it. A proxy site is just another WWW (World Wide Web) site that performs as an intermediary between the client and resources sever. If I have to tell you in simple language; then it will allow you to browse the internet without sharing your actual IP address.

It is the most suitable method when you want to unblock sites at school, college, office etc. to hide real IP address on your current web browser. You will able to surf the internet securely, safely and trouble-free by this way.


Best Facebook Proxy Sites to Unblock Facebook

You will find several proxy websites with a quick search on Google but some of these are filled with (excessive) ads, and most of them won’t work with facebook and some are not user-friendly at all. So, here I picked the top 15 facebook proxy sites that work with facebook and have minimum ads and offer good user experience.

FilterBypass – Web Proxy

FilterBypass is a free ssl encrypted web proxy of choice as it is a very fast and is able to unblock facebook. The site contains minimum ads and no popup ads making it ideal as facebook proxy.There are also no bandwidth or speeds caps and it also support Youtube offering even HD video quality.Definitely bookmark this one!



Nobody likes to go through frequent pop-ups and annoying ads while using a facebook proxy site to log into your Facebook account. You should try KProxy as it has very less ads with no speed cap. It is one of the best site to access Facebook. Also, you can watch YouTube videos by using this site too. Oh!! It’s free of charge and very easy to use.

Gen Mirror Facebook Proxy

Genmirror Proxy Site
Use Genmirror proxy to access Facebook.

Gen Mirror Proxy is another proxy site to unblock Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter etc. It is absolutely free to use with minimal ads. No need to download or install anything to use this facebook proxy site. Just go to this website and type the website URL to gain access. Also, it is compatible with latest smartphones. The facebook proxy server protected by secured SSL Technology, and so it is safe and encrypts your data for private browsing.

Zalmos Web Proxy For Facebook

Zalmos Facebook Proxy
Zalmos Proxy site for Facebook.

Zalmos Web Proxy is my next pick. It is quite popular among YouTube users for unblocking videos. It offers SSL security to safeguard your browsing. You should try Zalmos Web Proxy if you are having trouble to access Facebook or YouTube at present. What are you thinking? Just give it a try.

Facebook Proxysite

Proxy Site
Facebook Proxy Site

Proxysite is an outstanding proxy site to access sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit etc. You will find very minimal ads, unlike other websites where you would see loads of pop-ups and irrelevant ads. The user interface is simple, clean and user-friendly.

ProxFree to Access Facebook

Proxfree homepage.
ProxFree to unblock Facebook

ProxFree has one of the most elegant UI design among proxy websites on the web. It lets you encrypt your browsing data, control browsing history, cookies and more. First of all, visit ProxFree and type the URL (i.e to unblock your favorite social media hangout in one click.


Unblocking Facebook with atozProxy

AtoZproxy takes the next spot to unblock websites without irrelevant ads. It has SSL encryption which lets you surf the web without any tantrum. Atozproxy is available for smartphone and tablet users too.



Proxify Proxy For FB

Haven’t found a suitable proxy site to unblock Facebook yet? Or, are you looking for a decent alternative along with your go to the proxy site? Well. You should try Proxify then. Although, it is a premium proxy server and it is worth spending a little from your pocket. You can take the trial of three days to see it by yourself.


Newipnow lets you pick your own IP address and location for browsing anonymously. It is a feature that you won’t find in any other free proxy websites easily. However, you may need to pay some amount for premium locations and IP. You can use free proxy IP addresses and locations without any cost.


Ninjacloak is built with a beautiful UI and minimal ads. Just go to this site and type your preferred URL on the homepage to access blocked websites and unblock youtube.

Unblock My Web

Unblock My Web is a decent proxy website with proper UI design for internet browsers. You will be able to surf the web a lot faster and safer on this website. Just give it a go and you may find it better than your previous proxy servers.


Dontfilter has a simple user interface to provide a hassle-free browsing experience. It lets your delete page scripts, encrypt data and much more. You can use Dontfilter if one of the favourite proxy websites are down currently. is a bit different than any other proxy websites that you have seen on this list so far. As you can comprehend by its name; it’s an organization which consists popular free proxy servers from around the world. You will see a  list popular proxy servers on the homepage, and click one of them at the left sidebar to unblock sites like Facebook without any a headache.


4everproxy is similar to It also offers a list of proxy servers from a different location. You can opt for this site if you are having trouble with above site. It is safe, secure and easy to use. Just give it a try and see it in action.


Hidefap is a free proxy website that lets you access several blocked websites without any trouble. There are very fewer ads unlike some random free proxy sites and so you would be able to access your favorite social media destination hassle-free. You can watch/download YouTube videos as well.


Proxy Boost To Unblock Facebook

ProxyBoost or American Proxy is my final pick for the best Facebook proxy sites to unblock Facebook with fewer ads (or almost no ads). The user interface is simple and very easy to use for all kind of users. Just go to this website and type an URL e.g. and it will open instantly. That’s correct. Also, you can access some other blocked websites via ProxyBoost. Isn’t it awesome? Just give it a try, and see it for yourself if you are uncertain about it.

Final Verdict

You’ve read all the top 15 Proxy sites to unblock Facebook at home, school, college, office etc. These are all the best and handpicked facebook proxy sites with simple UI and minimal ads. You can see that all of these proxy sites are focused on the best performance with minimal ads.

Nobody would prefer to click on ads after another before getting into the main part (i.e. unblocking Facebook). Therefore, you should follow this list and find your most suitable N Proxy website to fit your requirements in any situation.

Do you know a few more N proxy sites to unblock Facebook with no ads? Perfect. Just let me know by dropping a comment below. Kindly, take a moment to hit the share button to spread the words with your friends on social media. Can you?

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    Really helpful post. Thanks for sharing!

  • March 2, 2015 at 7:03 pm

    You may notice some issues browsing YouTube when using our web proxy, sometimes this can be at your end. I suggest you clear your cookies on your browser and try to access youtube proxy .

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    Hi, I am one of the citizens that love in cyberspace, but I Bhrtryq Facebook users may access one of these networks is not feasible for me is indeed blocked by a new IP of you, thank you Benjamin I am hopeful that Iran would meet Shmaradrfys Facebook Yahdaql to respond to e-mail me your Rakhvshhal Agrnvshth the sure-e-Kavus I was having problems with my Iranian Kvrdysh ICU Nat

  • August 22, 2014 at 7:02 am

    I work on a ship and have dualog manage our internet services.

    The network icon shows we have internet access however it opens a page on the browser asking us to login.

    Is there a way to bypass this and use internet.?


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