November brings life into the Hall of Fame: The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , a new number 1 is at the top. And the Apple iPhone 5 and the Motorola Razr I have made it among the top 3. Currently, all three smartphones share the same points in third place. In addition to iPhone 5 and i Razr the Asus Padfone comes to 417 points and the “good” rating.


Android Dominates the Larger Displays

Furthermore: Android phones dominate the leader-board. Two of the three newcomers are equipped with the Google operating system and enrich the diversity among the nine androids. Only the iPhone 5 is still on the other hand.

At the same time the iPhone braces with its 4-inch display as the only model with the trend towards larger displays. Were found until recently even 4-inch androids in the top ten mobile phones, the lower limit currently stands at 4.3 inches, the score 2 brings even with a 5.5-inch touchscreen.

The Issue of Price

For a real top model you have to dig deep into his pocket. The iPhone 5 with 64 GB of memory even at 900 euros , the Galaxy Note 2 and the Asus Padfone to come with a price of 700 euros. After all, the street price will be the Android models usually under the price of the manufacturer. The Galaxy Note 2’s are already at about 550 euros. To have particularly favorable moment is the Motorola RAZR for 330 euros.

Here are the Rankings

Place 1: Samsung Note 2

note 2

The new # 1 connect the leader-board is a decent and therefore not everyone’s taste for sure. But who is amazing of 5.5-inch display knows what to do when something like this gets here, the currently best-equipped smartphone and at the same time it offers the finest display and the sound of the phone is also quiet good.

Compared to the previous Samsung, it has expanded the functionality of the control panel again and quality is also improved. Overall, a Samsung Note II is terrific idea.

Price of Samsung Note 2: 620$

Place 2: Samsung Galaxy S3


The Galaxy S3 is the big brother of ousted score 2 # 1 on the leader-board. The rest remains a competitive gap. Despite the large screen (4.8 inches), the S3 is very low-weight (133 grams) which  added a plus-point to this is a powerful equipment.

Endurance and tone of the S3 are superior. Only when the transmission and reception quality is taken into consideration in the operation, there is a better candidate in the top 10 But overall, the hype around the Galaxy S3 is well justified.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S3: 530$

Place 3: Asus Padfone


The Asus Padfone is a smartphone that can be converted into a tablet – and with an optional keyboard in a netbook. This is equally promising as challenging – as it is to actually work in practice. And it does, the Padfone sets starting with the stamina to go acoustic consistently a good test result.

Though the 350$ is a steep price, but it delivers a compelling Asus in every respect smartphone with an excellent display stands, strong performance, good handling and firmer features the No. 3 ranking.

Price of Asus Padfone: 350$

Place 4: Motorola Razr I

RAZR_iAlong with the iPhone 5 and the Asus Padfone the Motorola Razr I is landed the No. 3 ranking. The Android Smartphone with 4.3-inch touchscreen impresses with consistently good test results. It can be operated only with two hands, the kids suffer from poor stamina. When i Razr, which is in a rugged, smart housing, the compromise is best managed.

Also, the price of 400 euros is moderate. There are cheaper models in the top 10, the direct competition in the top 3 is significantly more expensive.

Price of  Motorola Razr I: 530$

Place 5: Apple iPhone 5


The new iPhone lands at # 4 on the leader-board. No smartphone is easier to handle and easier to use. The reasons for this is that Apple has built a relatively small display. A 4-inch display is the exception in the top 10th

This allows the same lightest mobile phone comfortably with one hand. Except for UMTS reception, the iPhone 5 has improved compared to its predecessor throughout: more facilities, more stamina, better sound.

With the new platform version iOS6 the iPhone can now navigate. It works quite well, but here Apple must improve the system. Second problem: the iPhone is not cheap to have, about the price decided by the choice of memory size.

Price of Apple iPhone 5: 807$ (16GB)

Place 6: Samsung Galaxy Note


More is better: This concept brought the Samsung Galaxy Note once at No. 1, which has now succeeded  Note 2 again. With its 5.3-inch touchscreen and the first note is already almost as a mini-tablet and offers correspondingly much space for a huge battery. That’s enough then for good 7:30 hours of intensive long-term use.

And the quality is right: The music shows in the laboratory measurements with the best sound quality and the best transmission and reception quality in the top 10 Who knows, the large display format and appreciate the live weight of 173 grams can live, get a great smartphone which is now available for under 460 $.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note: 460$

Place 7 : LG Optimus 4X HD


Dual Core, which was once, quad-core processors are announced. This allows quick and smooth operation of the day, whether gaming or surfing. The graphics processor, the Nvidia platform brings even 3D content smoothly onto 4.7-inch display.

Another feature is the 4X HD offers the first practical applications of NFC with the matching, programmable via mobile NFC tags – tomorrow! All that’s there for a paltry 400 $.

Price of LG Optimus 4X HD: 400$

Place 8: Huawei Ascend P1


Huawei can also be luxury: The Ascend P1 with Android 4.0 is the best proof. Even externally makes it super thin phone a good impression – despite plastic wrap. And also with the inner qualities may well compete with the competitors from Samsung and LG.

The 8-megapixel camera creates even in low light photos handsome, his 4.3-inch screen has managed the processes run smoothly. For 437 $, the Ascend P1 is definitely worth a recommendation.

Price of Huawei Ascend P1: 437$

Place 9: Samsung Galaxy S2

A half years of the predecessor of the S3 has now already under his belt. Correspondingly high is the 9th Evaluate space. To the 4.3-inch smartphone defended a wealth of equipment, which is still at the height of the time, and an overall appearance that revealed no weaknesses.

If you want to be very strict: because of its plastic housing cuts it comes to appearance from relatively poor. The endurance of continuous use is like the Motorola Razr under 5 hours.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S2: 399$

Place 10: Motorola Razr


To operate on the iPhone all of the top 10 smartphones with Android. When the Razr is hardly surprising, has incorporated Google Android inventor but Motorola. The Razr owes seventh place especially the good results of the laboratory measurements.

When transmission and reception quality, only the Samsung Galaxy Note is better to have a ticking, and the sound quality is the Razr as with virtually all of the top 10 candidates at very high levels. There is also a high-quality appearance. Only in the endurance of the display mode is one the Razr to the bad candidates in the top 10

Price of  Motorola Razr: 365$

Test Winner: Samsung Note 2

Price: about 540 euros

Top and equipped with the best test scores, the Samsung Note 2 taken over the top of the leader-board. That, however, only a tight space before the Galaxy S3 , then it is a big gap of 20 test points to other competitors.

The test laboratory was the Galaxy Note 2 above all with his perseverance to convince: the nearly nine hours of battery life for continuous operation of mixed use of calls, browsing and scrolling are a new best. And in terms of facilities , there are no better.

he transmission and reception quality and the sound the phone is a very good level.The 5.5-inch touch screen can also be controlled with the included stylus. Samsung has the S Pen donated a small key and many clever functions. Anyone with a smart phone in the mini-tablet format can do something is the place for you.

Compact alternative: Apple iPhone 5

Price (32 GB version): ca 740 euros

The iPhone 5 provides the counter-program to the Galaxy Note 2 Where the score 2 shows off size, Apple relies on compactness. A 4-inch display has to offer in the top 10 for no other smartphone, the competition is be noticeably larger. In return, the iPhone can be easily operated with one hand. Along with the successful and intuitive interface of the iPhone iOS 5 offers the best currently operating.

Upon receiving the competition in the top 10 is consistently better, but otherwise, the iPhone 5 provides for the measurements in the laboratory good results. Compared to the previous 4S them endurance and tone have improved significantly. And with iOS6, the new operating system version, Apple also provides a good software update. The new mapping service has its flaws, but there are other updates help.

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