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Are you planning to buy a tablet ? Here we have reviewed all the top quality tablets, and compared among themselves and represented the list of best 10 tablets in front of you. The Apple iPad 3 is tied with the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 on 1st place. We present the top ten tablets of our leader-board.

Despite having the same score: The iPad 3 and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 are two very different leaders. Where the iPad 3 with ease of use, Retina display, 64 GB of memory and good readings scores, the Galaxy Note 10.1, the better throws of interfaces and special extras, such as the operation by pin in the balance.

The decision for one or the other tablet will either be considered carefully, but made spontaneously or from the abdomen. Helps to advise certainly the price: The Galaxy Note 10.1 is for exactly 200 euros to have less than the iPad 3rd.

In general you will find in our test usually the most expensive trim levels of each model. The radio module is always just one of the party, because we in the test, the effective data rate of UMTS & Co. measure. Also usually the largest is memory -variant tested. By comparison, the tested version of the iPad 3 with WiFi, 3G and 64 GB costs 740 Euro. For the version with 16 GB and only WiFi on board, you must currently shell out only about 445 euros.

But Apple and Samsung make the top 10 is not only among themselves but Motorola , Lenovo and HTC also mixed with them. We will show you the strengths and weaknesses, features and prices of the top ten tablets. Here we go with our rankings below

Apple iPad 3

apple ipad 3

Following points to give the Apple iPad 3 and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and nothing stand proud with 411 points at the top of the leader-board. The differences: The iPad throws instead of 16 gigabytes 64 gigabytes of memory all in the balance, it also provides easier handling. And the bigger prize: 740 times as no shakes off the cuff.

Price of Apple iPad 3: 450$ (32 GB)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

galaxy note 10.1The Galaxy note with Android brings over new hours, a longer endurance than the iPad 3 and can also be operated with a stylus. Processing and performance are also on the cutting edge. It manifested in the test but small weaknesses in the display , also are not devices with 32 and 64 GB of memory available in Germany. For it can expand the memory.

Price of Samsung Galaxy 10.1: 350$

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Lenovo Thinkpad

lenovo thinkpad

The Business Tablet: With a rich variety of additional software recommends the Thinkpad can be used in the business world. Eight hours of battery life in a typical mix of uses there are also fully sufficient for users. The equipment leaves nothing to be desired, whether it comes to data services or interfaces. 64 gigabytes of memory and 1 GHz processor are also contemporary.

Price of Lenovo Thinkpad: 365$

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Motorola XOOM 2

xoom 2

Works rapidly, handy format, originally a lot of software and display good values and many interfaces: the Xoom 2 brings a generous feature set. It was in the test almost always rated as “good”, only for the endurance it weakened significantly compared to the 10-inch competition: More than five and a half hours typical perseverance earned by the note as only a “satisfactory”.

Price of Motorola XOOM 2: 309$

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1


The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5100 16GB with Wi-Fi and UMTS heard as the Xoom 2 to the more affordable tablets in the top five. But this combination of price and placement is worth a buy recommendation. Rich whom 16 gigabytes of memory, which acquires for about 385 euros a well-equipped Android tablet, which weakens the test only in the measurement values. In the endurance it even reached “very good”.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1: 347$

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HTC Flyer


Good and really cheap: That can be said of very few tablets. The flyer with 7-inch display is less than 300 euros, making it a real alternative to our price offer with 10-inch display. Its touch screen turned out to be the big test as sufficient for all applications. Who can accept small defects in the equipment, for example, the lack of HDMI interface, which will be satisfied with the well-made flyers in elegant aluminum casings.

Price of HTC Flyer: 240$

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Apple iPad 2

apple-ipad-211Also an alternative to the winner: The iPad 2 has indeed not nearly as much battery and processing power, and the 2-megapixel cam falls off significantly to the current model. And the display is indeed brilliant, with the retina touchscreen of iPad 3 can not compete, however. Nevertheless, the sensationally simple operation sets the standard, just as the processing of precious materials.

Price of Apple iPad 2: 385$

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Motorola XOOM


This tablet offers much returns for your money: The Xoom is our price tip. When you have eight runners course, in one or another area to cut back. Nevertheless: The Xoom reached in the test as “good” for readings and handling, equipment and stamina, however it was enough just to a “satisfactory”. With just under five and a half hours usage time it was exactly forty-five minutes shorter than the HTC Flyer, no intoxicating value.

Price of Motorola XOOM: 310$

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0


The second tablet with 7-inch display in our top 10 is to have around 320 euros for relatively little money. Android 4.0 enriched with the Touch UI lets the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 handling the “good” stand. The same note there’s the typical endurance of 6:45 hours.

The equipment is only “satisfactory”, the readings even just “adequate”. This is especially noticeable on reflective and relatively low-contrast display.

Price of Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0: 199$

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

w_image01347 $ for the tenth-placed in our rankings speak for themselves: The Galaxy Tab 10.1 N is a discontinued model, and accordingly become more expensive again. Poor performance in the test: “Sufficient” for measuring values and perseverance, “good” in handling and features, so also is no pot to win. In the higher echelons of our Top 10, there are much cheaper and better tablets.

Price of Samsung Galaxy 10.1: 347$

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The Gamechanger: Apple iPad 3 64GB WiFi + 3G

Whopping 64 gigabytes of memory and all the latest data services except LTE on board – which are expensive: 450$ will be charged for the tested version of the iPad 3 with maximum equipment. You will also be asked for the name Apple proportionately strong Checkout.

Despite brilliant brand image and unparalleled popularity it reached in the test in terms of equipment for a “satisfactory”. For example, it lacks a USB port and a memory card slot, the HDMI transmission is only possible with an optional adapter. But Apple can not afford such a blunder and still remains at the top.

From a technical perspective it is  responsible for the success: the superior endurance of eight and a half hours in the typical mix of uses, the very good measurements in the laboratory and the new retina display with the extremely high resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. A class by itself is the newly developed processor A5X – its power comes not least power-hungry games advantage. There are also the stylish design, the first-class processing of precious materials and is unbeatable easy operation at all levels.Conclusion: A great success, despite some weaknesses, and to date the competition for the benchmark.

Business Recommendation: Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 64GB WiFi + 3G

The majority of the tablet is designed for use in their own homes. Lenovo Thinkpad comes with its business range even when the tablets into the full and confident with his model for heavy business use. For brisk pace and multimedia performance are 1-GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB of memory responsible. 55 GB yet available memory can be expanded via SD slot. HDMI port and USB port for flash drives and hard drives may also not missing.

In terms of equipment, there are also no significant gaps: HSPA, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-n bring speed in the data exchange. Lots of business software is built from house: the Office application Documents to Go , the printer service Printer Share , the IT client Citrix Receiver, the Mobile Security.

But it was the nearly eight hours battery life in typical everyday use make the Thinkpad a truly  business companion. By the Bank with “Good” cut the Lenovo Tablet in the fields and facilities management as well as the measured values from the laboratory.Conclusion: Highly recommended for professional use.

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