Galaxy S4 rumors Updates Wishlist - Expected specifications

Time for Galaxy s4 rumors now. No doubt Galaxy series of South-Korean based company Samsung have stirred android smartphone industry, late from the launch of Samsung I9000 Galaxy S in March’10 to Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II launch in February’11 and the launch of Samsung’s most successful android smartphone in May’12 which sold recently 30 Million handsets worldwide, Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3. Samsung has withdrawn shares of Nokia, Apple, HTC, Motorola from the android smartphone market and has successfully added it to their wallet.

Being surrounded by many patent violation cases by Apple Inc. Samsung has still managed to grow it’s profit in the disputed era of patent wars. Here comes once again the rumor time for Samsung and it is for obviously, Samsung’s to be latest flick in Galaxy Series i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4. Galaxy S4 rumor is a hot topic of discussion among tech enthusiasts and various wishlist have been prepared which users and tech specialists want Samsung to get in the upcoming Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4 rumors Updates Wishlist - Expected specifications

We present you the most expected specifications of Samsung Galaxy S4 based upon the Galaxy S4 rumors around the web.

Following specifications are truly based on Galaxy S4 rumors, wishlist and updates collected by many tech specialists around the globe. In no case they must be treated as the true specifications of Galaxy S4. 

Operating System – Galaxy S4 rumors

Galaxy S4 rumors #1

Later there was speculation that android 4.2 will be featured as Key Lime and Galaxy S4 will get it first but with the launch of LG Nexus 4, Google continues its tradition of launching the latest android updates in it’s own brand phones. Nexus 4 recently launched on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean platform. So there are still speculations whether Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature next android version Key Lime or not.

LG Nexus 4 launch has shut down the Galaxy S4 rumors of getting android 4.2 as its operating system platform. Still tech specialists want and are thinking may be Google and Samsung hand in hand may launch new version of next android OS series on Galaxy S4.

Design & Display – Galaxy S4 rumors

Tech geeks believe that due to hard-flagship between Apple Inc. and Samsung wherein all the patent wars are concerned between two tech giants, Samsung Galaxy S4 may see a new design as compared to its previous Galaxy series phones. Recently Apple slammed Samsung with $1.05 Billion charges over infringing its iPhone design copyrights. So we may see a new slightly different design in Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4 rumors #2

Some say Samsung is taking the large screen size of its phones now seriously and when Apple iPhone 5 was slammed for it’s so called 4″ screen size, Samsung may bring the screen size of Galaxy S4 to 4.5″ though very less chances of doing that as we see  Samsung may rise up the size of the screen in upcoming Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4 rumors #3

Galaxy S4 to come up with large and bright 5″ screen size like Note 2 which features 5.5″ screen size.

Galaxy S4 rumors #4

Display screen of Galaxy S4 is a major concern among many users and tech geeks. Some expecting and wishing Samsung may feature OLED screen display instead of previous AMOLED display featured in Samsung Galaxy S3. As AMOLED display is a bit bulkier so Samsung may switch to OLED screens with much brighter display featuring “in-cell touch technology”.

Galaxy S4 rumors #5

As far now a few Galaxy S4 rumors claim that Samsung may switch back to LCD panels in Galaxy S4 to bring the high resolutions of around 400ppi density with 1080 x 1920 pixels screen resolution.

Galaxy S4 rumors #6

At present Sony Xperia SL features the highest 341ppi among any android smartphone which beats Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 in terms of display. To overcome it’s competitors Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy S4 with fully 1080p  HD, 1366×768 px resolution with a huge 440ppi.

Galaxy S4 rumors #7

Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to come as usual with round corners like previous version Galaxy S3 of pebble design. Samsung may try flat-box slab design in Galaxy S4 like Sony Xperia handsets have got.

Memory and Processor – Galaxy S4 rumors

More the clock of processor and more its RAM is, the more powerful is your android smartphone. As usual Samsung has always increased the clocking of its processor in its every new leader of Galaxy series, same is expected as wee see in Galaxy S4 rumors.

Galaxy S4 rumors #8

Samsung has been the fan boy of Exynos chipsets and same everyone is expecting the same in Galaxy S4. Exynos 4 was seen in Galaxy S3 which was 1.4 Ghz with A9 processor, Cortex so we expect a boost up processor in Galaxy S4. Recently we saw Samsung introducing Exynos 5 Processor named as Exynos 5250 Dual Cores clocked at 1.7 Ghz working in Samsung Chromebook. Galaxy S4 rumors say that Samsung may feature a new upgraded version Exynos 5450 quad core processor may be clocked at 2.1/2/3 Ghz with 2 GB RAM of LPDDR3 category.

Exynos 5 Dual Core Processor(Exynos 5250) featuring latest Cortex-A15 processor core running at 1.7GHz

Galaxy S4 rumors #9

Another interesting Galaxy S4 rumors on Sammobile says that Samsung is now upgrading RAM on all of its upcoming phones so Galaxy S4 may feature a 3GB RAM. Though the images leaked their don’t give a feel that device is capable of 3GB RAM.

Look at the prototype of 3GB RAM phone, which may be the case with Samsung Galaxy S4 in future.

Galaxy S4 rumor 3gb RAM prototype
Galaxy S4 rumor 3gb RAM prototype

Galaxy S4 rumors #10

As when it comes to internal memory, people believe that Galaxy S4 may feature a huge 64 GB internal memory or may be there will be a whooping 128 GB memory. It seems a bit unrealistic as if any phone with that processor, RAM and memory came it surely will be the smartest on the planet. Not to forget the battery in Galaxy S4, there are no speculations regarding that as it depends on the features what a phone has.

Connectivity options – Galaxy S4 rumors

Galaxy S4 rumors #11

More and more advanced connectivity options are preferred in a smartphone so Galaxy S4 will see all common connectivity features like Wi-Fi, 3G, 4g, GPS. Much faster internet connectivity with more advanced Bluetooth version 4.1 instead of Bluetooth 3.

Camera – Galaxy S4 rumors

Galaxy S4 rumors #12

As per the latest leak by NewsTomato.Com, Samsung Galaxy S4 may feature a 13MP camera with capable of shooting pics with resolution, 4208×3120 . Galaxy S3 featured a 8 MP camera. At present such high MP cameras are present in Xperia SL which has 12.1 MP cam and Xperia T which features 13 MP cam.

8.5 (L) x8.5 (W) x5.9 (H) camera module lens is leaked with a speculation of sensor S5K3L2 of 13 MP on Galaxy S4 with F/2.2 aperture.

Look at image below, the leaked sensor of camera module of Galaxy s4.

galaxy s4 rumors camera 13 mp leak sensor

Galaxy S4 Photshopped Pics – Galaxy S4 rumors

Many tech enthusiasts around the globe has made some designs which next Galaxy S4 may feature. All the below images are individual designs of the tech geeks and no pic may be treated as the original Galaxy S4 photo. All the below pics are the best collection of Galaxy S4 photos.

Galaxy S4 rumors #13

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo – Photoshopped pic #1

In the below pic of Galaxy S4, it has given a slightly flat box slab look with slightly rounded corners like in Xperia S.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo
Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo – Photoshopped pic #1

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo – Photoshopped pic #2

The below pic features Galaxy S4 a little bit like Samsung Note design with a mighty screen size.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo - Photoshopped pic #2
Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo – Photoshopped pic #2

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo – Photoshopped pic #3

This design give a feel like Galaxy S3 has been longitudinally increased in length, though with bright display.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo - Photoshopped pic #3
Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo – Photoshopped pic #3

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo – Photoshopped pic #4

Light and proximity sensors are shown in this given below pic of Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo - Photoshopped pic #4
Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors photo – Photoshopped pic #4

If in every respect the above speculations for Galaxy S4 become true, Galaxy S4 surely be the most powerful android phone ever made. Though speculations are only speculations and if Galaxy S4 rumors are kept aside than introducing the above features in Galaxy S4 will take a lot out of Samsung and it’s a challenging task too.

It would be very interesting to know your wishlist for upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, drop your valuable suggestions in comment box below.

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