iPad Mini Cases (7)

Here is the ultimate list of the top 14 iPad Mini Cases. iPad Mini Accessories have been listed here in this article.

Apple iPad mini is the latest offering from the house of apple and the product have been getting exciting reviews all over the world. It has been praised for its sleek design and performance which outperforms the previous versions of the product.

Having such a product in our hands is a matter of pride for all of us and it is extremely important how well we maintain the product. The product has to be used with the proper accessories to protect the product from various issues.

iPad Mini Cases (9)
iPad Mini Cases

Some of the highlights of  iPad Mini

  1. Beautiful screen
  2. All Aluminum body
  3. Fast performance
  4. 10 hour battery life
  5. 5 MP isight Camera
  6. very thin (7.2mm)and light weight (0.68 pounds)
  7. 1080 p HD video recording feature.
  8. FaceTime video calling is activated in the Apple iPad Mini.
  9. Apple iPad Mini has the  A5 chip.
  10. Built-in 16.3-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
  11. USB Power Adapter
  12. Perfectly sized LED-back-lit display.
  13. Built-in apps. there ore than 15 built in apps which necessitates the basic needs. For further needs, you can access any  type of app from the  275,000 apps  available at the App Store.
  14. Advanced WiFi technology has been built in to the Apple iPad Mini
  15. Apple iPad Mini uses the iOS operating system which is simply the  most advanced mobile operating system right now.
  16. iCloud feature is available with the Apple iPad Mini
  17. You also have the facility to Stream and Print via AirPrint feature of the Apple iPad Mini.
  18. Environment friendly construction with arsenic free glass display and recyclable aluminum enclosure.

See the complete list of Apple iPad mini features and specifications right from the Apple product page

 The need to protect your Apple iPad Mini

iPad Mini Cases (10)
iPad Mini Cases

Apple iPad Mini is simply one of the best available gadget right now. Like every other gadget, it needs to be given special consideration in protecting the device too. Hence the iPad mini accessories like covers and cases have cropped up.

There have arisen lot many companies which manufacture the iPad mini cases and covers.Among the accessories the first and the foremost one will be to have a proper case or cover for the device. There are a lot of iPad mini cases available and it is also crucial we buy the perfect one for us understanding the covers and understanding our requirements.

Here we have listed some for the best available iPad mini accessories s for the Apple iPad Mini.

1.Apple iPad mini smart case

It is a polyurethane case which can protect the iPad mini both front side and back side. It also has smart magnets to turn on the device and also is capable of rolling up the iPad mini for easy typing. It is priced at 39 pounds.

iPad Mini Cases (6)
iPad Mini Cases

2.Apple ipad mini smart cover

This is polyurethane cover made official from the house of apple. it is available in the color shades of pink, blue, green, light grey and dark grey. It is priced at 35 pounds.

The product is also available in the leather material. It has been priced at 59 pounds.

iPad Mini Cases (7)
iPad Mini Cases

3.Belkin verve folio 2.0

Belkin verve folio 2.0 has elastic corners to provide extra protection and also can be used as a stand while watching movies on the iPad mini. It is developed by Belkin and is available in the power shades of paparazzi pink and purple lightning. It is priced at 24.99 pounds and is available in the Belkin stores and amazon.

iPad Mini Cases (8)
iPad Mini Cases

4.Griffin Survivor

This model from griffin has been designed specially to avoid the effects of the drops. The material has been designed tough with the shock absorbing silicon frames. It is also made tight to be dust and dirt resistant and the parts and controls are covered by the hinged plugs. It has a built in screen protector which in no way will affect your touch screen experience.

It is priced at 49.99 pounds and is manufactured by griffin.

iPad Mini Cases (5)
iPad Mini Cases

5.Striiiipes iPad mini envelope

Striiiipes has manufactured the envelope style case of a soft suedette material and has a soft cotton lining secured by a single piece of string for better touch experience.

It costs around 27 pounds.

iPad Mini Cases (4)
iPad Mini Cases

6.Case mate tuxedo

More than being a cover to protect the iPad mini, this model can be useful as a stand to get a lot of wide viewing angles while watching films and stuff from your iPad mini. It uses the same smart magnet technology as in the apple iPad mini covers and is ultra slim. It is made of leather and is bound to cost more than other cases.

iPad Mini Cases (3)
iPad Mini Cases

7.Clam case iPad mini keyboard case

Apple officially did not launch any smart covers with a keyboard.

iPad Mini Cases (1)
iPad Mini Cases

8.Marware Axis Ipad mini case

Marware Axis iPad mini case is made up of leather and Is a high quality model for your iPad mini. it can revolve around your device making it suitable to read, write or watch in any varied angles you like to. iPad mini becomes more comfortable with this model case.

It is priced at 44.99 dollars


iPad Mini Cases (2)
iPad Mini Cases

9.Belkin chambray tab cover

This model from Belkin priced at 30$ can protect your iPad mini and also facilitates to watch at varied multiple angles. It also has a magnetic tab closure feature and protective corners to its list of feature.

Belkin chambray tab cover
Belkin chambray tab cover

10. Ipad mini ultra slim folio case

His is one of the cheapest iPad mini cases available and is priced at a modest 14.95$.It has a built in stand and stylus holder. It also comes with the wake/sleep feature for iPad mini. It is also available in variety of color options to chose from.

Ipad mini ultra slim folio case
Ipad mini ultra slim folio case

11.Incipio LGND Hard shell folio

Incipio LGND Hard shell folio is made from tough plutonium frame with a nubuck suede exterior. It has a convertible cover design and is available in lot of color options. it is priced at 29.99 $ .

Incipio LGND Hard shell folio
Incipio LGND Hard shell folio

 12.Kensington protective back cover

Kensington protective back cover adds a a protective layer of rubber to your ipad mini to absorb the shock effects and protect the device from scratches and damage. This layer added is so slim and does not look heavy or bulky on your device. It is priced at 19.99$.

Kensington protective back cover
Kensington protective back cover

 13.x-Dora smart jacket

x-Dora smart jacket contains a poly-carbonate shell which hold the iPad mini closer to prevent scratches and damages. it provides a slim fitting protection making the device look more fashionable. It is priced at 34.99$.

x-Dora smart jacket
x-Dora smart jacket

14.Hard candy shock-drop

Hard candy shock-drop case includes 10 mm silicon at the corners, tear proof flaps and smi rigid replaceable screen guards. This 10 mm silicon can absorb the shock better than any other poly-carbonate or rubber case and is better oriented towards 100% protection for your iPad mini. It is priced at 49.95$.

Hard candy shock-drop
Hard candy shock-drop

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