Top Must have Useful laptop Accessories to Buy

If you think buying a sleek laptop with all the latest features available loaded on it will be a great replacement for the bulky immovable stagnant desktop, then my dear friend you are absolutely wrong. A laptop may act like a good replacement to your old massive desktop only when you have correct laptop accessories attached to it that make your work easier and enjoyable. There are numerous laptop accessories available in the market and that too in various price ranges. You need to access your work requirements and judge which laptop accessories will ease your work and prove helpful. Also, do analyze the market whenever you are in a mood to buy an accessory for your laptop, check the prices, quality, available options to buy from, and not to forget the budget or funds you want to invest.

Top Must have Useful laptop Accessories to Buy

Here I provide a good list of laptop accessories from which you can choose how many of them are useful to you.

Useful laptop Accessories to Buy

#17- USB Mouse

What I feel is that, when a person buys a laptop he always tests the touch pad on it and compares it with others. The quality of touch pad and the smoothness to work with matters a lot while selecting from huge range of models of laptop. This influences your choice to buy a particular laptop. But at the end of the day, you will find it hectic if you work for long hours on your laptop. So, a good quality USB mouse will be a nice add-on to your laptop. Working with a mouse makes a task easy to go with ( Unless you are using a MacBook, on which trackpad wins hands down).   A USB Mouse is not just an add-on to laptop but it also increases your reach ability, you can sit a bit far from laptop using mouse and not touch pad. The USB mouse calms your wrist and on the other hand the touch pad tires your wrist.

USB Mouse - laptop Accessories

A mouse can be a wired one or a wireless one, that truly depends on your need and funds. Also the wired mouse can be of free wire or the one with retractable cable, a retractable cable mouse reduces mess when you keep it in your laptop bag.

#16 – Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is seriously  a very useful as compared to various laptop accessories. Many mouse companies will tell you that their mouse works with all the surfaces, but you will find difficulty while working a surfaces like glass, plastic one with reflecting characteristic and many others also. The solution to all this is a mouse pad, so that whatever be the surface, it doesn’t matter at all.

Mouse Pad laptop Accessories

Mouse pads can be of many types, some are quite simple and are totally flat surface. Some mouse pads have a cushioned area specifically to rest your wrist. These mouse pads keep your wrist calm so that you can work for very long time without getting tired.

#15 – USB Keyboard

If your work involves a lot of typing like you may be programmer or something, then you definitely need a keyboard. A keyboard will free you away from the laptop and you no longer need to stick close to the laptop to type on it. A Keyboard is available in many forms. Some keyboards are as simple as your desktop type.

USB Keyboard laptop Accessories

Multimedia Keyboards – These keyboards have special function keys like power off, standby, volume increase – decrease, next song and many more like that. If you love to hear songs while working, then these are quite useful to you. Such laptop accessories are called the multimedia keyboard.

multimedia Keyboard laptop Accessories

Ergonomic Keyboards – Now, coming on to the various comfort style keyboards, we have one which angular in shape in which the middle part is a bit lifted upwards,  the left half of keyboard is tilt downwards and similarly the right half is also tilted downwards This type proves very comfortable for working long hours and the wrist and hands do not get stressed out.

Ergonomic Keyboard laptop Accessories

Flexible Keyboards – Another keyboard comes in the flexible form. The keyboard is easily folded and is quite easy to travel with that as it takes very less space.

You can also choose between wired and wireless laptop accessories. Both have their own pros and cons. the choice is yours.

#14 – Flash Drive Or Pen Drive

usb flash drive laptop accessories

As we all know flash drive are very useful in transfer of data from one computer to another. It is a must have accessory for all the laptop users. Flash Drive come in many variants related to data they can store. From 2 GB to 64 GB flash drives are easily available in the market. Be careful before buying a flash drive about the warranty the company provides and carefully analyze how much data transfer requirements you have.

#13 – Speakers & Headphones

Speakers and Headphones are a very important utility of a computer system. Though we have inbuilt speakers in our laptops but sometimes we want loud sound which normally all laptops cannot produce, in some cases there is the requirement of good quality sound again many laptop handicap to do it. So, there arises a need to buy speakers for your laptop. Many ranges in speakers are available both in price and quality.

USB Speakers – These speakers take power from the USB port of your laptop and the music input from the Audio jack of the  laptop. They are most less expensive and easy to handle and generally small in size. For individual and low-budget case, they are just perfect.

speaker headphone laptop Accessories

Speakers with Woofers – There is a large variety of these speakers in the market and that too which can fit into any budget and requirements. Woofer adds to the quality experience while launching movie, playing games or listening to music.

Speakers Woofers laptop accessories

Headphones – These are equally important as speakers. Headphones are generally used where you do not want to disturb the surrounding and do not want the surrounding noises disturb you. Also they are useful while chatting, voice calling, video calling. The market  is full such products which can fit everyone’s pocket very easily.

Headphones laptop Accessories

Wired and Wireless speakers and headphones are also available in the market, so judge your need and just go for it.

#12 – Ethernet Cable (LAN Wire)

laptop Accessories Ethernet Cable (LAN Wire)

This is a useful utility for any laptop. If you have a LAN port in your office or any work place to access the network or the Internet, then LAN wire is a must keep utility for you. You just need to decide how much lengthy wire you want. This wire again very useful if you love to play games in the network, so connect your computer to that network you need a LAN wire.

#11 – USB Hub

laptop Accessories USB hub

Since you are going to buy so many USB accessories for your laptop, just wait and think, how many USB port how you actually have in your laptop, hardly 3 or 4. How are you going to use all those USB accessories all at once? The answer is USB hub. One USB hub generally connects 4 or more USB and even PS2 accessories to one port of your computer. The USB hub can distribute the same USB port to many  accessories in one go. So, whenever you go to buy your accessories, don’t forget to buy a USB Hub.

#10 – Portable Hard Disk

Portable Hard Disk laptop accessories

Today, the data we want to store with us is constantly increasing but we have limited memory space in our computers. Also we cannot travel places carrying that huge amount of data with us, so for such problems Portable Hard Disks are possible laptop accessories solution to it. Portable Hard Drive can store 500 GB or 1 TB or even more which our normal flash drive cannot do.

#9 – Portable USB DVD Player and Burner

portable-dvd-burner- laptop accessories

you must be knowing how much delicate DVD payers of laptops are, playing too many DVDs on these or burning DVDs regularly on these will easily damage them. For this, Portable USB DVD Player and Burner is a nice option to invest in. If you love to play too many DVDs and Burn disks at home, do it with these accessories. They do not cost much and are very light on your pocket. These accessories are of must have kind for DVD player guys. So grab it, play it, burn with it.

#8 – USB All Card Reader

USB All Card Reader laptop Accessories

You must also be having other electronic devices like a mobile phone, a handy music player, a digital camera, etc., what do all these things have in common is a memory card. So to interface many types of memory cards, a Card Reader is must. This Card Reader has slots for different memory card designs and sizes and connects them through the USB port of your laptop. So, to fill your memory cards or to empty them into your laptop, you need a Card Reader.

#7 – USB Lamp

USB laptop lamp laptop Accessories

This accessory is quite useful to those who do not have a backlit keyboard and also when you have to work in dark. Their numerous variety of these available and according to the bulb used to light in them, they are priced in from even Rs. 200 to 2000.

#6 – Cooling Pad

cooling pad laptop accessories

The cooling pad is a device which you can keep under the laptop and the fans in cooling pad will remove the heat oozing out from bottom of laptop. They are quite useful in times when you are running some really heavy application in laptop like gaming, and that produces a large amount of heat. In such cases, if heat is not removed immediately, it may burn the internals of laptop. Cooling pads are available according to the requirements and investments. USB cooling pads are available that are low on cost and provide protection up to some level. Cooling Pads are available that are capable to removing large amount of heat swiftly and that use separate electricity and need connect through the USB

#5 – USB Modems

usb modem laptop accessories

A USB Modem is a device to connect laptop to a network or internet. The USB Modems contain a SIM card same as like one in the mobile phone, and that helps it to connect to internet. Many Telecom Operator companies offer these Modems and that too with 2G or 3G services on it. Using this Modem, you can also make calls, SMS, MMS and all the services can be availed those available on your phone. So, you just  need to recharge it once in a month according to your internet requirements and it will fulfill all your internet desires.

#4 – USB Vacuum Cleaner

USB vacuum cleaner laptop accessories

Have you ever thought how to clean the your keyboard where the dust enter into the space free under the keys and also through the heat vents, the dust enter internals of your laptop and might prove harmful for it. A USB Vacuum Cleaner is quite useful for this. It can also clean your desk dust very easily. This vacuum cleaner powers from the USB port and has a great suction to suck the dust particles into it. It also has many levels to increase or decrease the suction power. The vacuum Cleaner is very easy to clean, the rear cap needs to be removed to throw out the dust.It has different brush attachments along with it so that it can reach every possible corner of your laptop. In all, it is a very useful accessory.

#3 – USB Beverage Cooler

usb beverage holder laptop accessories

Like your refrigerator at your homes, this accessory is similar to them. But the difference is that it has a very small capacity, just of one Drinks can. The Beverage cooler can be very useful as it cools a Can or it may also heat the Can to make the Drink hot. It is quite useful for office purposes where you need a Drink of your choice after a certain interval or in the lunch time. The Beverage Cooler looks cool and is not at all heavy on your pocket. You may easily find it on various online stores.

#2 – USB Web Camera

usb webcam laptop accessories

All of the laptops have inbuilt webcam above the screen. But there arises a requirement in some cases where you may want to click some good quality and high-definition pictures or you may want to record high-definition video using your laptop. For that, comes a USB Webcam that may fulfill all these necessities. Webcams are available in large variety of price ranges according to the services they offer.

#1 – USB Game Pad

gamepad laptop accessories

Now, this is one of very useful laptop accessories for those who like to play games on their laptops. A USB Game Pad is absolutely same to those Game Pads used with the Play Station or Xbox or with your old cassette Game player. They provide you with the same feel while playing on your laptop. They are too good to play and much more comfortable than your keyboard or mouse to play games.

Arrange all above laptop accessories for your laptop and make it a powerful computing machine making your task much easier than before. Drop your comments if we missed any laptop accessories here, all suggestions are welcomed.

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