3 Best Free Antivirus for Android Phones to Secure Data

Though Android is considered to be quite a safe operating system and most users do not feel the need for an antivirus software on their Android phones, a study has revealed that Android is even more virus prone than iPhone. Hence it makes sense to secure your Android phone by installing a good Antivirus software that can alert you whenever a virus enters your phone and take appropriate actions accordingly.

Here is a list of some of the best free Antivirus for Android phones to secure your devices. Most of these apps not only help you scan your Android phone for viruses but they can also detect and block files that are infected with malware and spyware.

1. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Unarguably the most popular Antivirus app on Android platform, Lookout Security is an award-winning software that can help protect your Android mobile from damage by various kinds of malicious files. The app offers many security features including malware, spyware & virus protection, scanning of each app that is downloaded by the user and daily/weekly scans to ensure your phone always stays virus free. Another useful feature is “Find My Phone” that helps you locate your lost or stolen phone on a Google map even if your GPS is turned off. Thus Lookout Security is our number one recommended app for your Android phone for unmatched Security and Backup on the go.

2. Antivirus Free by AVG

Though there are two apps in the Android Market with the same name and both offer virus protection for your Android device, this particular app has been designed by AVG, a popular PC Antivirus software that has been around for many years. The app lets you scan files, settings, media and apps in real-time for potential threats to your Android device and keeps you protected no matter what content you download on your mobile. There are also additional features such as phone locator, task killer, app locker and local device wipe. The best part about this app is that unlike Norton Antivirus app, it doesn’t slow down the phone without compromising on the security features. All in all, a terrific app.

3. Antivirus Free by Creative Apps

A compact & lightweight Antivirus app that serves its basic purpose quite well and provides decent protection for your phone. Although the app doesn’t offer any additional features that we have covered in the above two apps, the best apart about it is that it is ultra fast and uses less than 0.1% of your battery. It lets you know whenever a malware, spyware or virus is detected in any app and can be the perfect Antivirus software for your Android device if you are looking for a simple antivirus app. However if you have a smart phone with a decent RAM and processor speed, it’s better to use any of the two apps mentioned above since they offer complete protection while this one can only detect malicious apps and doesn’t protect your mobile fully.

Although there are many other free Antivirus apps as well, there’s no point covering all of them in detail since the apps that we have covered in this article are the best ones. We have intentionally included the third app since most users have basic Android phones that won’t be able to handle heavy Antivirus apps.

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