Top 3 Budget Laptops under 25000 For Students (2014)

Top 3 Budget Laptops under 25000 For Students (2014)

Buying a laptop can be a real daunting task these days, especially for students who needs more than average performance but are on a strict budget. As AMD and Intel both are launching newer and cheaper chip sets for attracting budget conscious consumers, one should basically avoid the lowest priced laptops out there.

Based on our experience, we can conclude that student laptops must have following three things :

  • A sturdy design, that can sustain some rough handling.
  • At least a 2GHz Dual-Core Processor for intensive applications like Auto CAD, Visual Studio or Unity.
  • And latest generation hardware at a humble price point somewhere around Rs. 22,000 to Rs.25,000

Note:Please avoid 1 to 2 GHz processor segments, as they are just made for browsing and watching movies. These laptops  are not enough for working and you will end up getting frustrated  within a week or so for the under mined performance of such laptops.

So if you agree that above things are the most important for you, following are the definitely the best three laptops available out there as of now.

Top 3 Budget Laptops For Students

 Lenovo Essentials G500 

Specifications :

3rd Generation Intel Pentium Dual-Core, 2GB RAM, 500GB, DOS. | PriceRs.24000

This laptop is the best, considering its rugged design that does not pick-up any fingerprint and can be cleaned easily. It is also the lightest laptop in the category that has a 15.6 inch display.

2.4 GHz of Dual-Core Processor is super efficient and will easily outperform 1st generation Core i3. Surprisingly, Windows System Index shows its graphics performing little higher than the 3rd Gen Core-i3 3220 processors

You can even use this laptop for casual gaming of old generation games, or enjoy the latest games on low settings. But for this, make sure you upgrade your RAM to 4GB by paying extra Rs.1000.

Battery Life easily goes more than 3.5 hours upon single charge and its overall performance will make you go crazy!

Our Rating -10/10



 Asus X200CA KX219D VivoBook 


3rd Core i3-3217U Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB, DOS. | Price -Rs.24300

If you are looking for a big performance package that needs no upgrades, then Asus X200CA VivoBook  will give you a chance to experience the same. The big drawback of VivoBook is its only 11.6 inch Display, which can be worthy for frequent travellers who does casual works. But for students, who use tools like Visual Studio or Unity, biggest screens are always better

The small form factor is also the lightest contender (in 11.6 inch laptops); its weight of  just 1.2Kg can be the only thing to be preferred by the users.. Hardware is bit cheaper and considering all the expensive things are on the interior, this might not be a great device for rough users.

I have gone below my expectations for this one, as it has only 1.8 GHz of processor, but being a Core i3, this device will have virtually 2 cores and 2 threads running and availing 4 times the horsepower.

Our Rating -7/10



 HP E1Q79PA Laptop 


3rd Pentium Dual Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 500GB, DOS. | Price -Rs.24300

Talking about the sturdy designs, HP is popular for making best budget laptops with really impressive inbuilt quality. This laptop carries the same quality design that is best fitted for the students.

The 3rd Gen PDC processor and essential hardware features are almost similar with Lenovo G500 mentioned above, the only difference being missing USB 3.0 ports. This processor uses an old chipset of 2.2 GHz, and it’s actually an old Gen laptop with the new Gen processor.

It is a fairly capable device for intensive tasks and highly suitable for graphics and programming software like CAD, Unity, Eclipse.

This laptop has the highest battery life of all three, which can go just more than 4.5 hours for casual usage.

Our Rating-8/10




Our Verdict

I hope you would understand the point of this article is, simply go for the highest GHz, highest number of cores & highest GB of RAM you can at your budget. But don’t compromise with your screen size, resolution and display quality and processor selection just because something is coming too cheap.

If I have to recommend you anyone from the above list, it’s clearly the Lenovo Essentials G500. Try to find it in local stores, and go for that extra 2GB of RAM with modest bargains!

Buying tip: If you are going to buy the laptop online, we highly recommend you check the laptop first hand at stores or check your friends before placing the order online. Things like the screen quality, keyboard feedback, trackpad sensitivity and build quality isn’t something you can experience online. You have to feel them with your hands and watch with your eyes.

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