Top 3 Free Android News Apps For Indian Users

Top three free android news apps for indian android usersTop Three And Free Android News Apps For Indian Android Users ~ Wherever you live In the world, you need to get attached with the latest happenings of the country or area In which do you live.In old times this task was much difficult but Now It’s very easy to know something latest about your favorite things.For Android Users, It’s more than easy now because there are a lot of Android Apps or Android News Applications Which Will tell every latest happening around you In no time.
But there are some Android Apps which are covering a certain area or country And I think they more useful than others.There are a lot of Android Apps Which are covering news In India But In this article I will tell you about most best Android News Apps for Indian Android Users.If you are cricket lover, Then these Android Apps will gonna rock you by telling every latest happening In the world of cricket In no time.If you love Bollywood as many people In the world are In love With It’s celebrities, So these Android Apps will take In the latest world of Bollywood where you can get many hot stories.Now come to the main meaning of “News” Which Is “Politics” If you are Interested In Indian Politics surely I’m not, But If you are then you can know everything between “Jenta and Sarkar” right through these Android Apps.I think now I shall begin,So here are the top free and three Android News Apps For Indian Android Users.

India Newspapers

If you are addicted to news papers as so many people In the world Which can’t live without reading morning and evening newspapers Then India Newspapers which first Android App among top three And free Android News Apps For Indian Android Users Will gonna making you more addicted to a new style of reading newspapers.Through India Newspapers Android App you can read all the top Indian Newspapers like Times of India And Hindustan Times.You can also read articles from all the top News websites.Get India Newspapers Android App there are lot of stunning features are waiting for you.

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NDTV Android App

If you want some more fun with News then NDTV Android App Which Is Second Among top three and free android news apps for Indian Android Users Will fulfill Your demands.NDTV Android App Will bring a lot of news with videos for right on your Android Screen.NDTV Android Android App will bring a lot of hot stories with Videos from NDTV studios.Download NDTV Android App Will also let watch live video and listen audio of all NDTV Channels.
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Times Of India Android App

Here comes the Intro of last but not least Android News App Among top three and free android news Apps for Indian Android Users.Times Of India Android App will bring all types of news for you.It will also tell you local news from 30 big Indian cities.It will also you reviews on all types of news like sports,entertainment and politics.There are some more stunning feature are waiting for you In Times of India Android App.

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All these Android Apps do not require expensive Android Phone or the latest version of Android. Users With Android 1.6 can use all these Apps and can enjoy new world of news.In my upcoming posts I will tell you about more categories of top three free Android Apps.

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