Top 3 Leaked Features of Windows 9/10

Windows 9, the brand new Windows operating system is coming soon. Microsoft has already organized an event on September 30th. It seems, Microsoft is going to release Windows 9 preview and some other stuff during this event.

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As of now, plenty of Windows 9 features have gone public. Although some of them look awkward, but rest of them are quite familiar with Windows. Today, I am here to introduce some of them.

Important Note: Not all the following features may be included in Windows 9 because all of them are leaked. Microsoft didn’t yet speak anything about Windows 9.

Virtual Desktop

This is the latest leaked feature of Windows 9. Just few days back, WinFuture has published a video that has shown Virtual desktop compatibility in Windows 9. It is possible in previous Windows versions using third party software as well as Hyper-V. However, the interesting thing is, Windows 9 will be arrived with easy to use virtual desktop components. According to the video, you will be able to get as many windows as you wish. The workflow will be as same as today’s third party software. You can open different softwares in different windows.

You know that if someone works with different software simultaneously and each one is not related to another one, virtual desktop would be one of the best solutions. By making use of virtual desktop, you can easily get an uncluttered user interface. On the other hand, virtual desktop increases your productivity as well.

Now, if you have opened more than one window, you can simply press Alt + Tab to get a particular window faster. Nevertheless, on Windows 9, you won’t have to do anything like that. It will be much simpler.

CortanaMicrophone, leaked features of windows 9

Apple introduced Siri few years back on their iOS devices. After that, Microsoft introduced Cortana on their Windows Phone. Cortana is a virtual assistant. In the previous Fifa World Cup, Cortana became popular by predicting the match result.

However, this time, Microsoft would like to comprise Cortana in their Windows PC. As of now, no other companies have developed such a virtual assistant for their PC. It seems, Microsoft is going to be the first software developer company, which will include a virtual assistant in PC.

If Microsoft does whatever is mentioned above, it will be great for everyone to do more out of less time. You will not have to click several times to go to somewhere or do something. Just give the command and Cortana will do everything on behalf of you.

Start Menu

The most beloved Windows Start Menu was vanished in Windows 8. After Windows 8, Microsoft embedded the Start Menu like button in the same place in Windows 8.1. However, that was not actually a start menu like Windows 7’s start menu.

It seems Microsoft is going to include their most favourite feature, Start Menu in Windows 9. According to a WinFuture video, Microsoft has included a great start menu in Windows 9. This start menu can do more than previous menus. The brand new Start Menu has all the recently opened apps, programs, live tile and more others. Obviously, it comes with a flat UI. This start menu is going to be a compact start screen of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

What do you like most?

There are also some other features which were leaked via different sources. Which is your most lovable feature?

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