Top 3 Screenshot Sharing Extensions for Chrome

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers out there. It has become so much popular because of its simplicity, smooth browsing experience and obviously availability of extensions. We have a huge amount of extensions in Chrome Web Store and anybody can use them without spending a dollar.

(Although, most of the extensions are available at free of cost, but occasionally you may have to purchase some useful extensions)

We have been sharing variety of Chrome extensions for you to do your tasks faster and better. For example, you can get an awesome looking new tab page using an extension.

Top 3 Screenshot Sharing Extensions for Chrome

Sharing is caring. Many people wants to share their updates to their friends and family. And always we can’t express our feeling only thru words.  Even sometimes we ask our friends to solve a computer problem or any online issue over remote desktop software like Team Viewer etc. However, if you are using Chrome on your PC, it becomes easier to share a screenshot with your friends. To make it even more easier, today, I am going to enlist some of the most prevalent and effective chrome extensions which will aid you to share your screen.

Best screenshot sharing extensions for Chrome

Although, there are so many similar apps like these subsequent extensions, according to me, these are the best.

Awesome Screenshot

This is a widely popular screenshot sharing application that is available for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This is very easy to use. Few weeks back, it became quite slower but still the popularity of this extension has not reduced. As of now, this is the best screenshot sharing Chrome extensions for Chrome. It is very easy to use and it comes with only couple of options.

After installing this extension in your Chrome web browser, you will get an icon followed by URL bar. Just click on that whenever you will need to capture your screen. You will get some common options like

  • Capture visible part of page
  • Capture selected area
  • Capture entire page
  • Select a local image

All those options do as they say. This is also possible to capture screen at predefined time. For that, you have to select Delayed capture.

Awesome Screenshot - best screenshot sharing extension

You can use delayed capture in 3 sec and 5 sec time interval. When it comes to Awesome Screenshot settings, you should have to worry about it because it has only couple of options to change keyboard shortcut and others. After capturing a screenshot, you will get an option to share temporarily or save that in any cloud storage.


This is another great screenshot sharing extension for Chrome. To be honest, I love Lightshot more than Awesome Screenshot. From my personal experience, I have never been failed to use Lightshot. And also it is one of the must have chrome extension.

It works similarly like Awesome Screen Shot but the feature list is quite smaller than that. Alike aforementioned extension, you will get corresponding icon in the extension area of your browser. Just click on that and select the area what you want to capture.

best screenshot sharing extension

After that, you can save that in your PC or upload it to Lightshot server. If you want only to share anything, upload your captured screenshot to Lightshot server to get a shortlink.


This is much popular among them, who often capture screenshot of their desktop and share that with others. Do you know it?

The same developer team has made TechSmith SnagIt extension for Chrome web browser. This lets you capture any webpage better. As usual, you will have an additional icon for SnagIt and chrome menu bar. Just click on that. After clicking, you will get some options in your sidebar. Select one of them according to your requirement and capture screenshot.

Snagit Screenshot extension

After capturing, it will be synchronized automatically with your Google account. After that, you can share that screenshot with your friends.

Bottom Line

If you want to use a light-weight screenshot sharing extension in your Chrome web browser, try to avoid SnagIt. Use either Awesome Screenshot or Lightshot. The latest update of Awesome Screenshot has made it even better.

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