Launchers have specially become many common these days. Launchers help you to change the interface and look of the device at just one go, without any further tweaks. This post portraits the Top 4 Launchers for your Android Smartphone.

Buzz Launcher:

Noe Buzz Launcher brings in a totally new concept. It is specifically for users who want to tweak their homescreen and change it every now and then. You don’t like your homescreen? No Problem, you can use someone else’s homescreen. People just upload their tweaked homepack and you can download it and use it on your device within a few clicks. The launcher has over 500,000 homepacks, so will eventually never run out of them.

Also not only this, the Buzz Widget add on with the app will let you create your own widgets. And this one is the most customizable launcher on the list. So definitely worth a try.


Mi Launcher:

As the name suggests the Mi Launcher is for the MIUI and Xiaomi fans out there. Xiaomi has a type of their own interface, and if you feel like having it on your device, you can have it with the Mi Launcher. And the fact is, you get it without even rooting your device.

Mi Launcher

And it has many of the features that MIUI has, like transition effects, scrolling options, and widget resizing, and much more.  It is directly managed and updated from Mi Developers, so updates and bugs should not be a problem for this launcher. It is free, and no better launcher out there will give you a better MIUI experience.


Nova Launcher:

Well if you have been changing launchers every now and then, you must have heard of the Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher provides you with the Stock Vanilla Android Experience. It has tons of customization features that come along too.  Also not only this, it comes with icon packs, and modern features like gesture swiping, swiping dock, and much more.


If you are looking for stock experience along with tons of customizations, this is the launcher for you.


Google Now Launcher:

Google Now Launcher directly comes from Google. It is for the Google Now integration on your Home Screen and also the KitKat look on the device. With the same kind of the app drawer and things the KitKat OS features.

When you install this launcher on your device, it will set the Gooogle Now Screen as you find in the Nexus devices. It is not that customizable, but it serves the purpose well, for which it has been coded. It will give you the vanilla look, with google now integration, and some basic features and customization options.


So these are some of the Android Launchers you must consider for your device. Each of them serve their purpose, may it be customizations, Stock Vanilla Android Look, MIUI Interface, and the Google Now Integration. Though there are many more great launchers out there, but definitely the above options are worth a try.

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