Top 4 Smartphone Apps to Stay Alcohol FREE Through out the Year!

Month of January is on its way to end but I’ll help you in continuing your New Year resolution of controlling your alcohol addiction. I hope you’ve come so far on your own controlling your heavy alcohol consumption and limited it to a great extent. But now it’s time to stay motivated for the upcoming months. As smartphones are our regular companions, here I’m sharing certain apps that can help you stay Alcohol FREE.

Top 4 Smartphone Apps to Stay Alcohol FREE

I’m sharing a bunch of apps that are available for Android and iOS platforms in both paid and free versions. I’ll be enlisting apps to control alcohol consumption on daily basis along with their details and link from where you can get them for your device.

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Smartphone Apps to Stay Alcohol FREE

None of these can help without efforts from your side. They will put related notifications and your job is to attend them. If you start ignoring them or uninstall them then they can’t do anything. So let’s take a walk towards staying healthy and control alcohol addiction.

#1 Twenty-Four Hours a Day

It’s a premium app which was even listed among top apps of this niche last year. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms and it consists of 12-step format that helps controlling this addiction. It provides alerts regularly which consist of thoughts, prayers and other information that will help you resist the addiction.

Twenty Four Hours A Day

The best feature within is that you can shake your device to get an instant message on top of the screen during severe need of inspiration. It does offer a fresh message everyday and users can search and read more using a search tool available within.

Download – Android | iOS

#2 AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

This is a free app available only for Android platform which can help you keep individual data related to your routine consumption. It shows a health chart and different signals offering alerts related to staying off the addiction.

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

If you’re still having alcohol but in limited amount then you simply add the type within this app and it will provide consumption details using its blood alcohol concentration calculator.

The data being calculated within can be exported as a log book and you can easily tally monthly, weekly or daily consumption with ease. You can set goals and can even share results with your friends socially.

Download – Android

#3 iDrinkSmarter

Another free app which is there for both iOS and Android platforms and it works mostly like the above one. Users can set notification on Calendar after an interval to provide related alert. It also provides a characterized data showing consumption details on regular basis.


When a buzzkill alarm (custom name set by app) is created and you or your friends reach a limit then you or all your friends will be alerted by this app through a message on smartphone. This is a unique and healthy feature that can really motivate to stop drinking further.

Download – Android | iOS

#4 DrinkControl

If you wish to maintain a total account of alcohol consumption on a calendar then use DrinkControl app. It’s free for Android while you’ve to pay $4.99 to use it on iOS device. It keeps a track of alcohol consumption and total money being spent on it.


The complete data is arranged on calendar which makes it easy to find and keep record of. It uses a simple and quickly understandable user interface. This app is very helpful in case you’re not sure of alcoholic value of a particular drink bartender offered. Simply input name of the drink you had and its price and all needed information will be there on your screen.

Download – Android | iOS

Wrap up

These were the four apps you can get help from in controlling your alcohol addiction. After installing any of these apps, don’t stop using it otherwise it won’t be working in your case as you expected to. Stay motivated!

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