Top 5 Android M Features What Google didn’t Announce

In the last Google I/O Keynote 2015, Google has announced a new version of Android that is called Android M. Following that, the Preview version of Android M has been unveiled as well by Google. At the event, Google talked about several new features of Android M. At the first attempt, you can find only few couple of new features in Android M. However, that is not true. This new version has more than what you think.

Top 5 Android M Features What Google didn’t Announce

Top 5 Android M Features What Google didn’t Announce

Here is a comprehensive list of all features, what Google didn’t announced during the Android M launch event.

New Option in Lock Screen

Since Android Gingerbread aka Android 2.3.0, Android has three icons in the lock screen.

  • Lock button
  • Camera icon
  • Dialer icon

If you swipe the lock button to the top, your phone will be unlocked – this was the traditional feature of Android’s lock screen. However, Google has sacked the dialer icon and included voice command icon that will let you search for anything right from lock screen.

Just like Google Now, now you can use native voice search from Android M’s lock screen. If you use PIN lock or passcode, you can do the same but the search result will be appeared only if you can unlock your device with proper credential.

Turn External SD Card into Internal Storage

This is probably the most awaited feature of Android lovers. There are some low-end mobiles, which have less memory and this is the biggest concern for them. Hence, Google has included such an option that will let you convert your SD card to an Internal storage. That means, your internal storage is going to be more flexible. You can increase your internal storage and it will let you install more apps without having any low-memory issue.

Yosemite Like Dark Theme

If your are a Yosemite user, you might have already used the Dark theme on your computer. Now, the same features has been included in this Android M. The overall UI will still hold the Material Design but the skin can be changed in Android M. With Android M, you can save your eyes from eyestrain, which is the main concern for long time mobile users. By enabling Dark theme, you can work more in low light area. You will not have any eyestrain, which is a common problem if you have high contrast in low light area.

Rearrange Settings According to the Requirement

If you pull down the Status bar, your Android mobile will show some icons to toggle Location service, orientation, Wi-Fi, Flashlight etc. If you have used it minutely, you might have already noticed that this is not possible to rearrange them according to wish on Android Lollipop and earlier versions. Nevertheless, Android M has this option to rearrange icons as per a user’s need. That means, you can now keep your Location Service icon in the last and push up your Wi-Fi or Cellular Data icon in the first position.

Backup User Data to Google Drive

Google Drive backup for Android m

In the mid of 2014, Google tried to back user’s data to Google Drive. Although, the test was pretty much successful, but that feature was not rolled out with Android L aka Android 5.0. However, Google has included that particular awesome feature in Android M. That means, now you can get all your Android data on Google Drive and it will help you to get the backup quite faster. The most important thing is you can access your backup from anywhere.

Final Word

Obviously, this version of Android M will change way how Android users have been using their mobile. If you want to try this out, you can download Android M Developer Preview for Nexus devices. But, before downloading, you should know that this is a preview build and it can have bugs.

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