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Today’s era is that of android phone that has provided a new dimension to the whole cell phone industry. This particular mobile phone has offered a number of highly advanced features to the mobile handsets that has made this specific communication device a lot more convenient, attractive and useful. Several telecom companies have installed this hi-tech OS in their mobile handsets, a phenomenon that has increased the sale of such handsets to a great extent. Some such telecom companies are Samsung, HTC, Micromax Sony, Motorola and many more.

Today, the Android application has achieved the hallmark of a status defining factor and as such, every hi-profile corporate personality, big political figure, hugely popular sportsperson or any other successful individual from any particular field or profession is spotted to use Android cell phones only to prove that he or she does belong to the rich, aristocratic and sophisticated class.

In this particular article, we are going to hold a discussion on some such android oriented mobile phone launched by various reputed mobile companies.  As the year is about to end, we have prepared a list of Top 5 android Phone above Rs 30000 in India of 2012 till the month of September launch. Newly launched devices such as HTC One X+, HTC new flagships are not included in the list.These are as follows:-

5 android phone above Rs 30000 in India of 2012

#1 – Samsung Galaxy S 3 – android Phone above Rs 30000

The android technology has greatly improved the functioning of Samsung mobile phones. As such Samsung Galaxy S 3 that has been installed with android application is no longer required to keep ringing its alarm till the user gets up. This particular feature of Samsung mobile handsets has been modified for even more convenience and hassle free use only for the sake of interested buyers.

galaxy s3 photos android phone

  • The ‘S- Voice’ feature of this hi-tech mobile phone allows the user to let the cell phone automatically turn off its alarm for some time so that the user can enjoy his or her pleasant sleep for a few more minutes.
  • Its mechanism is such that one can set the actual timing of taking a picture with the help of the camera installed in the cell phone and after the specified time interval, the picture is automatically shot with complete accuracy and perfection by the cell phone itself.
  • Moreover, receiving or disconnecting an incoming call is all the more simple on this particular handset. Further, the music files can be shuffled and viewed in detail simply by using the up and down arrow.
  • ‘Social Tag’ feature of this cell phone enables its user to get in touch with the familiar people more easily and quickly. This feature lets the user link the faces of friends and relatives in his or her photo album with the social media streams to which they belong.

It has 8MP (megapixel) camera. It has a Super AMOLED form of touch screen feature and has a 16M color mode. It’s now priced at around Rs 34-32K in India.

#2 – HTC One X – android Phone above Rs 30000

HTC One X that is installed with the android application allows access to internet a lot faster than before. As such, web browsing has become a lot simpler and easier for its users who can log in to the desired website or connect to a link very fast.

HTC One X android phone

  • Moreover, this handset offers an amazing gaming experience that was never witnessed before. These facilities could be availed to the users only because of the developed quad core- processor that has been added to this mobile handset.
  • Together with an advanced application being installed in this particular handset, the outwardly appearance and the overall outlook of this mobile phone has also been made attractive, especially with its sharp design and clean finish.
  • Further, the camera that has been installed in this handset has a very high picture quality and never misses a single shot being taken up. The automatic light adjustment feature enables it to take distinctly sharp pictures even when there is inadequate supply of light.
  • Even high-definition (HD) videos can be recorded on this handset and a photograph can be clicked in the process as well. The camera has 8 MP (megapixel) capacity which is the reason for the brilliant picture clarity of this handset.

The cell phone has Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touch screen with 16 M colors. This handset is launched at a price of Rs 32000.

#3 – Sony Xperia SL – android Phone above Rs 30000

Sony Xperia SL android phone

The famous Xperia SL launched by SONY is installed with android application that has rapidly enhanced the speed and accuracy of the handset beyond all limits of imagination. This android phone is provided with a high-speed dual core processor that has a memory space of 1.7 GHz. This mobile handset also enables the user to get updated about the regular data consumption on the cell phone and the net capacity that is available in the phone memory. As such, limits of warning levels can also be generated. This feature is popularly termed as ‘Android Ice Cream Sandwich’ that makes the whole android experience both pleasant and enjoyable.

It has 8MP (megapixel) camera. It has a 16M color mode. It is available at a price of Rs 31499.

#4 – Sony Xperia T – android Phone above Rs 30000

Xperia T is yet another technologically advanced cell phone from SONY that is provided with android application. It has 1.5 GHz Dual Core Qualcomm Krait Processor and 4.5 Inch Display.

Sony Xperia T android phone

  • This particular android phone runs on Android 4.0. Its expected price is Rs 30000 in India that reaches up to $600.60 in some of the metropolitan cities in the country like Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.

It is provided with 5MP (megapixel) camera. It has a Super AMOLED form of touch screen feature and has a 16M color mode.

#5 – Sony Xperia ION – android Phone above Rs 30000

xperia ion android phone

Xperia ION is again an android phone from SONY that has changed mobile operation for the better, thereby making the entire cell phone experience a lot more blissful and gratifying.

  • It is installed with a 12MP ( megapixel ) camera that offers the best shot possible by ensuring a sharp picture clarity and distinct images even when the availability of light is too low.

This particular android phone has been launched at a price of $ 666.67 in the major metropolis of India like New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. It has a Super AMOLED form of touch screen feature and has a 16M color mode.

After reviewing the above mentioned android phone, it is pretty clear that if all the above cell phones are closely compared, then Samsung Galaxy S 3 will stand out distinctly particularly because of its advanced ‘Social Tag’ feature that allows a user to get connected with his or her familiar circle pretty easily. On top of this, this entire android phone with a whole new range of facilities is available at a fairly reasonable price of Rs 32499 as compared to any android handset of the same genre.

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