Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Android Rooting is the starting point of Android development. A rooted Android device can do more than a regular device. For instance, you can ameliorate the performance of your mobile phone through rooting. Battery backup also gets better after rooting. The most important point is that you can use Custom ROM.

Custom Recovery Mode

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If you rooted your Android phone for the first time, you most probably are looking for a list of apps that are available exclusively for rooted devices to make the most out of your adventure. So, here you go.

Top 5 Apps for rooted Android phone

Root unlocks tons of restrictions of your phone and hence, you can get most out of it.

ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox is available in two different versions for Android 2.3+. If you want to do some basic ROM Toolbox, Apps for Rooted Android Phonechanges, use ROM Toolbox Lite, which is free. If you want to get even more features, you must have to purchase the pro version, which costs only $5.99. However, all the features of these two versions are enlisted below.

  • Install ROM and theme
  • Change Boot animation
  • Install custom font
  • Change status bar icon
  • Change status bar and navigation bar color
  • prop file editor
  • Terminal emulator
  • Auto start app manager
  • Reboot in different recovery i.e. CWM recovery, default Android recovery

Although, not all these features are obtainable in Pro version, you will get some useful features in LITE version.

ROM Toolbox Lite

ROM Toolbox Pro

Xposed Framework

Xposed Modules, android development tool

Xposed Framework is the most advanced part of Android development. It can change the entire behaviour of your phone. Actually, Xposed Framework is a medium to install modules. You can install more than a hundred useful modules to change the behavior of your rooted Android phone. You must need Android 4.0.3 or later version to install Xposed Framework.

To install Xposed Framework, it is a must to enable Unknown Sources from Security menu of your Android phone.

System App Remover

System App Remover, Apps for Rooted Android PhoneNon-rooted users can only disable app to hide that from app drawer. By default, Android does not allow users to remove any system app. But, if you have rooted your phone, you can easily uninstall any system app using a tool. Use System app remover to delete any unnecessary application from your phone. This particular app can do the following things;

  • Move apps to SD card or internal storage
  • Sort by different conditions i.e. name, size etc.
  • Remove system apps from your phone

Before removing, you should know that wrong app removal could lead you into trouble.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup, Apps for Rooted Android PhoneAlike Super Backup, this is yet another must have Android app. Titanium Backup is available free of cost. It also has a premium version that comes with more features. Super Backup does not collect the app data. But, Titanium Backup can create backup of app data. This is where it is better than any other backup app. It can do more than just collecting app data. For instance:

  • Create multiple backup of a single app
  • Synchronize to/from different cloud storages i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
  • Encrypt any app
  • Freeze apps
  • Create backup at predefined time
  • Custom device ID maker
  • One click app data restore

It has many more features than mentioned above. Try and get it.

Titanium Backup Free Version

Titanium Backup Pro Version ($5.99)

SCR Screen RecorderSCR Screen Recorder, Apps for Rooted Android Phone

If you want to create a video of your Android screen and share that with your friends, this app is the best solution. SCR Screen Recorder is better than other screen recorders i.e. Screencast Video recorder. If you need this app on a daily purpose, consider purchasing it by spending just $4.99. Otherwise, you can try the free version as well.

SCR Screen Recorder Free Version

SCR Screen Recorder Pro ($4.99)

Final Word

Rooted Android phone users have more useful apps for their phone. However, I have mentioned these apps for the first time rooted Android users. You should also note that there is no need to install and make change using ROM Toolbox if you do not have minimum information about it. In simple, use ROM Toolbox at your own risk.

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