Top 5 Best and Free Android Security & Antivirus Apps

People say that the basic necessities of life are food, clothes and a home, that’s true but recently a new addition was made to this list. Any Guesses? A smartphone. Yes, a smartphone has made it to the basic necessities,  no matter how much you deny, the truth is that you cannot live without a phone. At one instance you can go out of house without wallet but without phone, never. A phone in one’s life has become quite  imperative, it helps you stay in connection with the world. Anyone can stay in touch with you, you can check emails, browse internet, take pictures, listen to music, watch videos or movies, chat with friends and much more. You can use Apps to make your daily activities easy.

A Smartphone makes life easier but if not handled properly , it may you cause troubles. You phone contains many personal photos, contacts, private data etc. Just imagine if this data gets into the  wrong hands? Or what your phone system is attacked by some malicious virus and corrupts your data? To prevent such situations, you must have a security and antivirus app installed on your phone. Below are Top 5 Best and Free Antivirus apps for Android smartphones.

Top 5 Best and Free Android Security & Antivirus Apps

1. Avast Antivirus and Security

avast antivirus

One of the best free mobile antivirus and security system for Android smartphone and tablet users, it protects your device from spyware, malware, viruses, unwanted phishing and also theft. In short it is all-in-one security tool. You can use the virus scanner for removing malicious viruses. The Anti-theft features help locate lost or stolen device, you can also remotely wipe and protect your data.


2. Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

bitdefenderBitdefender was awarded as the best Antivirus program last year and here they come with their Mobile Security and Antivirus app. From my personal experience I can say that this is an amazing free antivirus app, it is feather-light and performs very well. It is embedded  with all the latest security features and the best things is that it doesn’t cost you anything.


3. Norton Security & Antivirus

Norton is popular for their Internet security and Antivirus programs, it is a trusted antivirus for PC users. Now you can get this trusted Antivirus even in your phone. The Amazing features include App Advisor which helps you choose right apps and warns you against apps which are pose as a threat to your security. Other features are Anti-Malware, Call & SMS Blocker, Fraudulent website blocker, Anti-Theft and many more in the same list. You can download 30 day Norton premium security without entering credit card info and after trial period keep using the free version.


4. Kaspersky Internet Security

kasperskyKapersky Internet security provides security against latest threats and viruses. The inbuilt Anti-Theft feature helps tracking phone if lost, stolen or misplaced, you can also remotely trigger phone wipe or mug shot of the thief. Call and SMS filter feature helps eliminating spam callers and other unknown numbers, you can block unwanted contacts and prevent them from calling or texting you. Kaspersy Antivirus scan helps remove latest threats and viruses in a matter of minutes. Download it for free from Google Play.


5. 360 Security

360 av360 Security is a cool and light security app for Android smartphones. It is a one-stop phone checker app which does virus scan, vulnerability scan, trash scan and security protection scan just by pressing one button. The Antivirus feature of this app is loaded with latest database which contains information of all latest threats and viruses, it provides dual-layer virus protection. You can use this app for wipe bloatware from your phone; Browsing history, trash, corrupt files etc. Other amazing features include App Manager, Call & SMS Blocker, Phone Accelerator, Power saver and Anti-theft protection. It is available for free on Google Play.


I hope this article has helped to gain insights on smartphone’s security.  Please give us your feedback via comments.

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