5 Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

Android devices are now coming up in 7-inch and 10-inch screen sizes, with dictionary apps that compliment e-book readers that are attracting lots of book lovers since most people today prefer e-books over regular books. With a bigger screen and higher storage capacity you can carry many e-books with you and read them while on the move. There are lots of e-book readers available for Android and I have tried at least a dozen of them on my Samsung Galaxy Note. Finally I have selected the top 5 apps that I would like to feature in this article.

Aldiko: This is one of the most famous e-book readers on the Android Market. It is a powerful and futuristic app for e-book reading and downloading. Aldiko has a big library with many free e-books; you can also import your pre-created pdf or epub files. You can customize the fonts, color, margin, night mode etc. for better reading experience and comfort. The only thing I would like to see is a cloud support that will allow syncing e-books across my Tablets and phones; even an online web-based reader will be appreciated.

Aldikio ebook readerAldikio ebook reader gallery

Booki.sh: I was really impressed with the design and implementation of this advanced web-based e-book reader. It is designed with latest HTML5 technology that makes this web app fast and secure along with cool looks. You just need to visit Booki.sh using your Android or any other browser and choose the e-book you wish to download for offline reading. The offline reading is also very different; once offline you will need to go to Booki.sh and it will work like you were online.

Booki.sh Android

Kindle for Android: Kindle is a well-known e-book reader available for Android as well. You will also get the Amazon e-book store support which has millions of books. I liked Kindle but it has basic looks when compared to Aldiko and Booki.sh. Also it does not allow syncing the reading position across the device, the app does not sync to any other device and Amazon monitors your reading habits.

Kindle for Android

Google Books: Google Books app for Android is quite handy and you will love the features and flexibility of cloud storage. This app and Google Books store has features that are competitive with Amazon Kindle app. You can purchase or read free books with reading interface customizations. The only this you will miss is that it does not support books purchased from other stores.

Kobo Reader: Kobo reader is a free e-book reader app for Android. I discovered it lately and was impressed with the features and functionality it provides. It can also automatically sync library and bookmarks across different platforms. You can share notes and recommend e-books to Facebook friends and add books to library from email, web or Dropbox. Browsing books on Kobo store customizes reading experience, allowing single sync of account to multiple devices.

Kobo ebook reader Android

We would like to hear from you which app did you like or apps that you are currently using to read and manage e-books on Android.


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