Top 5 email clients for Windows

Windows 7 is coming with built in mail feature, also you can download and install Windows live essential to get the email Client. But still people are looking for a more functional full featured email client that can handle many email and features at once. Mail users in Office or Home are mostly using Thunderbird or Outlook. For me Thunderbird is a great cross platform application for managing emails, contacts, notes etc but still we have reviewed the Top 5 email clients that are worth trying on Windows.

Top 5 email clients for Windows

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook includes some radical new features never before seen in a Microsoft email client. It not only allows synchronization of emails but other required and essential information data like appointments calendar, contacts, reminder notes. You can even synchronize emails with your smartphone based on Windows or any other OS. While synchronizing all information to your desktop email client you will not need to fear about losing essential data or contacts. Moreover, Outlook has another great that supports multiple email accounts in a single folder. This is the most widely used email client in world.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a fully featured, secure and very functional email client and RSS feed reader. It lets you handle mail efficiently by filtering away junk mails. Thunderbird has adopted many features from Outlook like it can support multiple accounts on a single window but in separated folders. This makes it easier to manage and view emails. This is also consider a big rival of premium Email client due to lot of extensions and features available. I use it and consider it a all-round winner in this list.


Postbox is a redesigned version of Mozilla Thunderbird with many new features. One of the features that I like most is that mails can be opened in tabs which make it easier to review multiple emails. The message view is now more streamlined to accommodate a better layout and less clutter all around. Postbox even asks you to import data like emails, stored contacts, and other messaging data from previously used email client like Thunderbird, Outlook, Google, and Yahoo when it starts.


Yahoo’s Zimbra Desktop email client has general features to manage POP and IMAP based email accounts and has features comparable to MS Outlook and Apple mail. It stores and synchronizes email, appointments and calendar, contacts, documents on the cloud. The email part of Zimbra uses the same kind of interface as Outlook but has more functionality. Zimbra uses AJAX extension to make their web email app look and a desktop.

Claws Mail

Claws Mail is an e-mail client based on GTK+. The appearance and interface are similar to Outlook and Thunderbird This desktop email client runs on Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX systems like Linux, BSD and Solaris. There are different plugins available for Claws mail which makes it have different features and functionality.


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