Top 5 Feed Readers to Read Latest News

In this technology era, most of the people want to cast away our consecutive stuffs. Previously, we used to start our day by reading traditional newspaper. Now, the whole scenario got changed. Now, we start our day with iPad and tablet to read the latest news. These gadgets are playing a vital role in our daily life.

Top 5 Feed Readers to Read Latest News

However, to read the daily news, you can obviously head over to Google News. That is one of the best places, which provides all current news. Yet, if you do not like to read news on Google News, here are some most possible solutions. The following list contains some free and easy to use RSS feed readers. These readers will help you to subscribe to any website and let you read the content.

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Top 5 feed reader to read latest news

Feedlyfeedly best feed reader

This is one of the best feed readers out there. I have been using this feed reader for a long time now. The interface looks great after the last UI update. You can add any blog or website and start reading that right away. There is no limitation. You can add unlimited number of RSS feed to this reader. The most beautiful feature is you can organize your added websites in various categories. It will let you find a particular type of news faster. You can read either full news or just the excerpt. It depends on the feed settings used by a particular website.

Digg Reader

Digg Reader rss feed reader

This is the best alternative to Feedly. Alike Feedly, you can add any type of site by entering either keyword or website URL. A clean user interface makes it even smarter. The UI is great for reading a long article. You will not get any clutter i.e. advertisements, subscription pop-up etc. Just add your favorite blog to start reading using Digg Reader. You can be a Digg Reader power user by making use of keyboard shortcuts. Digg Reader comes with plenty of keyboard shortcuts which will let you manage your reader faster.


LinkedIN PulseThe first thing is interface. It has an attractive reading environment. The Pulse screen is covered with pictures and news titles. Nevertheless, you will get a better environment after selecting any news. You can share any content even faster using the in-built sharing buttons. After acquiring Pulse by LinkedIN, it became better. To add any website to your reading list, just click the Add Content button and choose category before selecting preset sites. You can also change the layout according to your wish.

TaptuTaptu rss feed reader

This is yet another useful RSS feed reader. You do not have to sign up to start reading current news. Alike other feed reader, you can download the official Taptu application on your Android and iOS mobile. However, Taptu is very easy to use. You have to just select category i.e. technology, Entertainment etc. to start reading. The most useful feature of Taptu is you can listen to any news you want. The same feature is available on mobile as well.


Netvibes best online rss feed reader

Even if, the entire interface looks quite cluttered, you will get a great display while reading the news. Alike other feed readers, you can add new website by entering keyword or website URL. Sometimes, you may have to enter the feed url of respective website. The tabbed interface looks great which is making new Netvibes better than previous version.

Wrap Up

You can use many other feed readers to start your day. However, you should check for different features i.e. UI, sharing option, availability etc. before choosing any feed reader.

Which one is the best for you? Is it Feedly?

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