Manage FIles

Everyone knows that iOS is a great platform loved by millions of people. Yet, the only problem is you cannot view the system files like Android. YES! Android is such a platform that lets you view each file of your system. However, you cannot use the in-built File Manager application to check those system files.

Manage FIles

To get those files list, you must have to install a third party file manager application. Android has some great file manager apps those help users in different ways. Let’s see how do file managers help us.

Best file manager apps for Android

It is difficult to choose a better file manager for your Android device because of a term, ROOT. However, you can use all of these following file manager apps with and without rooting.

ES File Explorer File ManagerES File Explorer File Manager

It is such a great app that is included in some very low budget Android phones in the place of default Android file manager. This file explorer app has all the basic features i.e. Cut, Copy, Paste etc. However, the feature list of this app is quite long. You can use ES File Explorer File Manager as a FTP client, LAN Samba Client, Cloud Storage Client etc. You do not have to install any other download manager since ES File Manager works like a download manager too. This file manager app can eliminate several other types of app i.e. ZIP file opener.

ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager, File Manager Apps for AndroidASTRO File Manager is another app that is available at free of cost. It works like ES File Manager but it has fewer features than that. You can manage your phone and SD card files as well as cloud storage files. To access your cloud storage files, you supposed to have internet connection and authorization. ASTRO File Manager has some gesture controls. You can swipe from right to left to get various cloud storages. If you want to get other tools, just swipe from left to right.

Total Commander

Total Commander works something like ES File Manager. It has quite similar features. You can use TotalTotal Commander, File Manager Apps for Android Commander as

  • ZIP file manager
  • Text editor
  • FTP client
  • LAN client
  • Root explorer

On the other hand, you can do cut, copy and paste any file using this tool. The most exciting feature is you can do all these things in bulk. You can have a virtual sidebar so that you can manage files in a better way.

X-Plore File Manager

XPlore File Manager, best free file manager for androidX-plore File Manager is another all-in-one file manager app available for Android. It can do numerous things like share file over WiFi, use as HEX viewer etc. Not only these but also you will get some other features as well. It works like as Root explorer, ZIP file opener, disk map, text editor etc. This is also possible to view APK file as ZIP using X-plore File Manager. This file manager can also synchronize with different cloud storage accounts i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Ghost CommanderGhost Commander File Manager

Ghost Commander File Manager does what most of the file manager apps often do.  You can use this great file manager app when you have a rooted Android phone. However, you can use this without rooting. Anyway, it can be used like ZIP file opener, text editor, file owner changer, picture viewer etc. It contains an in-built FTP client. You can use this to download from/upload to any server.

Bottom Line

Do you use any third party file manager on your Android mobile? If yes, do let us know your favorite file manager app for Android. If you do not use any app, start using anyone of them. However, according to me, ES File Explorer File Manager is the best file manager app for Android among all of them.

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