Top 5 Free Dialer Apps for Android

It doesn’t matter if you are using an iPhone 6 or some old Nokia mobile. You can certainly get two common features in all types of mobile. The first one is Call and the second one is Message or SMS. Obviously, every mobile has two corresponding applications to handle those two features.

Top 5 Free Dialer Apps for Android

But, do you like the native Android dial pad? Actually, there are many people, who dislike this in-built dial pad of Android. Although, Android L has a new visual design but Android KitKat and older versions have the similar boring dial pad. Therefore, here are some most fascinating dial pad replacements for your Android device. Let’s take a look.

Ready Contact ListReady Contact List

This is one of the best dial pad replacements for Android 4.0 and later versions. It is a better dial pad and contact management utility for your mobile. The UI is awesome and it becomes even better by making use of custom themes. However, to get themes, custom notification/ringtone, ad-free app, you will have to purchase Ready Contact List plugin for £0.60 – £1.82. It also provides all the options what native dial pad provides but it has a different design. You will get a nice feature called MEET. That means you can synchronize your Calendar app with this dial pad substitute.

Dialer +

Dialer PlusDialer + is yet another great alternative to default Android’s dial pad. You can easily replace that with this great free application. It has fewer features but all of them are much useful. You will get contact and call log management utility along with dial pad. There are also some other features like text messaging T9 search etc. The best feature of Dialer + is, you can synchronize your existing contacts with Facebook so that you can get the profile picture. Apart from these features, you can set reminders to any event for any contact.

DialappDialapp, dial pad replacement

Even if, Android Jelly Bean and lower versions provide less productive dial pad, you can get a quite better dial pad on Android KitKat. If you want to get an Android KitKat like dial pad on your lower version Android mobile, use this app. Dialapp is available at free of cost for Android 4.0 and later versions. Generally, it works by swiping from left to right and vice versa. Along with gesture swipe, you will get T9 search, voice search, custom theme and more others. The pro version of Dialapp provides auto call log backup, tiny contact backup and more features.

KitKat Dialer

KitKat DialerAlthough, this dialer app doesn’t offer any good features but you can get a better user interface by using it. This replacement brings Android KitKat like dial pad on your Android 4.1 and later version of Android devices. Actually, it provides three themes i.e. Android KitKat, Light and Dark. You can toggle theme from the settings. Apart from the theme, you will get T9 search, enable/disable vibration on key press, DTMF tones on key press and more others.

Swipe Dialer

Swipe Dialer comes in two different versions. If you need the basic features, you can go with the free Swipe Dialer Freeversion. But, if you need the following features, you have to purchase the pro version;

  • Speed dial
  • Custom tab
  • Custom transition effect
  • Custom cover flow for contact
  • Custom font
  • One handed dial pad

Along with those premium features, you will get T9 search, custom themes, call log grouping and more others.

Obviously, this is not the ultimate list of third party dialer apps for Android. You can get a better dial pad replacement for your Android mobile from Google Play. But not everything works fine on all mobiles. That is where these apps excel. You can use these apps on almost all Android mobiles.

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