Bored with same old PowerPoint Presentations. Ofcourse PowerPoint maybe the standard tool for virtual presentations. It is used by millions of people across various sectors, but let us have a look at it’s alternatives which are either free or way cheaper than Office suite



Only within few years of launch, Prezi rose to the top with it’s awesome web 2.0 styled presentations. It is completely cloud based and you can share ideas on a virtual canvas


  • Prezi’s success is mainly influenced by it’s infamous Zooming User Interface which provides near 3D presentation experience
  • Amazing user interface with simple storyline designer
  • You can arrange meetings to collaborate with your colleagues in real time


SlideOnline isn’t exactly an alternative. You can webify your PowerPoint presentations and share it with the world, they do not need powerpoint to view the presentation.

  • Portability. You can work with your files from any platform
  • HTML5 is supported by almost every new mobile phone/tablet

Google Docs

Google docs provides a web application for editing your word and excel spreadsheets as well along with your .PPT


  • Easy file sync with your Google Driveaccount
  • 100% Free and doesn’t have any annoying ads obstructing your work flow
  • Hundreds of features for editing documents and spreadsheets, you can only proofread your presentations


Keynote is the true archrival of PowerPoint by Apple for Mac and Ios


  • You can store the files on your iCloud account without any hassle
  • You can access them on iPad and iPhone as well
  • 100+ amazingly crafted templates


It is one of the most popular PowerPoint Alternatives.


  • You can design a presentation within minutes
  • It’s extremely easy to learn.  All you need to do is drag and drop elements and placeholders and input some content into it
  • It has a custom markup language for formatting and designing the layout manually

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