If you are a regular computer user and if you like to do some experiments with your computer, its desktop or other visual things you might be very familiar with Rainmeter. It is an application which helps you to customize your desktop background, its widgets and its color scheme. Well, some of you who are not very familiar with Rainmeter must be thinking that if it is only about customizing desktop background, color scheme and widgets, then the same can be done even by windows default functions. But let me tell you using Rainmeter you can customize things on a higher level and you can totally change the look of your desktop and application icons. Here in this article, I am reviewing best 5 rainmeter themes for your PC. If you apply any of these themes, you will get something different on your desktop yet an eye pleasing appearance.

Rainmeter themes

1. Lexis:


This theme, in minutes can make your computer look like a Geek’s computer. As you can see in the image above, this theme has a clock in center and a calendar on the right where you can save and manage all your events, meetings and other important tasks right from your desktop. A weather widget is present on the left hand side where you can see the current weather reports from Weather.com. Another customization feature is that if you do not like the default black color, you can also change it according to your need.

Download Lexis

2. Omnimo 5.0 for Rainmeter


One of the most innovative apps I have seen. This app is a replica of Windows 8 home screen. If you want to experience metro UI on your windows 7, this theme will be the best option for you. This application gives you a Windows 8 touch with ease. You can install this theme in seconds. Once this app is installed, you will see metro UI on your desktop with some important widgets like Google Search, day care apps and more. It’s the best theme if you wish to see some metro UI action on your PC. Have a look at the image above to get some idea about it. In fact, each and every part or widget of this theme is customizable and so if you think that any widget isn’t needful, you can straight away remove it and as such, this theme is highly customizable.

Download Omnimo

3. Hero theme

Hero Theme

This theme is basically inspired on HTC Hero Smartphone . If you have ever wanted to own a HTC smartphone , now you can at least experience its look on your computer. Hero theme is designed for such users only. As you can see in the above pic, this theme will give you a look same as HTC phone. This theme provides you with various widgets and options. For instance, you get a music widget with this theme to manage music control over your computer. In the right side, the theme Photo Slideshow displays the slideshow of photos on your computer. So, this theme is good too and worth trying.

Download Hero

4. I2 Bar theme


This theme gives you a look like Ubuntu operating system. This is an ultimate look which you can not find in many themes in the market. This theme has the icons in the top and bottom bar and the desktop is designed in such a way that you are going to love this theme. This theme has an unique appearance along with various widgets and useful options. For all those Wi-fi users out there, the theme has a WiFi Status bar to keep an eye on your Wi-Fi connection. Navigate to the link below to grab this awesome theme.

Download i2 Bar

5. Unity Theme


This is one of the basic yet responsive themes in the store. Having a sidebar in the left side , this theme looks awesome because the sidebar consists of application icons that we use often. You can create folders and place all your needy things into it and also you can configure this theme as per your needs.

Download Unity

How to install these skins or themes?

  1. Download rainmeter software from HERE.
  2. Install it. As you install it, it might load some widgets on your desktop which comes by default with this software. You need not be tensed about it. Just right click on all the widgets that would be displayed and click on ‘Unload Skins’.
  3. Now download any of the rainmeter theme you liked from above 5 themes.
  4. After downloading, extract the RAR package.
  5. As you extract it, you’ll be able to see one file which would be executable and the file type would be ‘Rainmeter Skin installer’. Double click on that file.
  6. You will see a new dialog box. Just click on ‘Install’ then. That’s it! You’re done.
  7. You can customize it later as per your wish using the rainmeter icon present in the task bar.

I hope everyone liked this collection of awesome rainmeter themes which help you to give your computers an eye pleasing appearance.All the download links above will take you to the official website where you can download these themes. Let us know if you face any issues while installing the theme or any other queries via comments.

One thought on “Top 5 Rainmeter themes

  • July 3, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    Nice list of Rainmeter themes I must say, but their are some more Rainmeter themes available which you can add in your list like “new moon” 🙂


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