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As seen in the Consumer Preview, Windows 8 is loaded with features which are new and never seen before. Even if you’re a highly technical person, initially it would be pretty tough for you to become aware about all the Tips & tricks of Windows. However, below are some tips and tricks which will help you use Windows 8 in the smartest way possible. Read on to find out about these amazing tips which will make operating Windows 8 much easier and convenient for you than it already is.

 A Simplified Start Menu

A Simplified Start Menu

The start menu of Windows 8 Developer preview was pretty basic. It could be accessed by swiping from right side in case you had a touch screen or taking the mouse cursor to the bottom left corner of your screen. This is not the same in case of Consumer Preview for here you have to right click at the bottom left (or press X while holding down Windows key) in order to get a text based menu that will give easy access to a number of applets and features such as Search dialog, Device Manager etc.

Administrative Tools

Administrative tools are especially meant for those Windows users who want to spend their time in one or the other advanced applet.  These administrative tools are hidden by default.  To make these tools evident, Open Metro Settings Panel (CTRL+I) and then click on Settings Link and from there you can find the option of ‘Show Administrative Tools’ and just change it to ‘Yes’ and finally, click on any empty area of the Start screen. After you enable Administrative tools, scroll to the right and you can get over your hands on several applications like – Event Viewer, Task Scheduler, etc and all these tools can be used to performs numerous tasks and even tweak your system.

Start menu settings

Intelligent Screengrabs

In case you think something which is being showed by the Metro app is interesting and you are willing to record it then hold down Windows key and then press PrtScr i.e. Print Screen. The image will not only go to clipboard, it will be saved in ‘My Pictures’ by the name of Screenshot.png automatically.

Search in a simpler way

Search in simpler way

By default, each bundled application is included in the Search Results of Windows 8. In case there are some applications you think you will not be using any time soon then you can get rid of these and make your search list manageable. In order to do this, you have to select Win+I then More PC settings. After that go to Users and then search where you need to chose the applications which you will not like to include. This way you can make searching for a particular application extremely simple.

Show all Folders

All the usual folders as well as drives are not visible in default view of Windows 8 Explorer (such as Recycle Bin, Control Panel etc) in the navigation pane at the left hand. Your display appears to be quite simple owing to this. In case you are willing to see all the drives then you may click on ‘computer’. However, if you want to have a look at everything up-front, it will take quite little time to do so. Firstly you need to click on ‘view’ and then go to ‘options’. There you need to check ‘Show all folders and then click on ‘ok’.

Here were some cool Windows 8 tips and tricks which you can apply on your Windows 8 OS and become a smart user.

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  • October 23, 2012 at 11:41 am

    These are nice Windows 8 tips.
    Waiting for More tips after 26th October 🙂


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