Top 5 WordPress Plugins That Can Help in Decreasing the Bounce Rate on Your Blog

Top 5 WordPress Plugins That Can Help in Decreasing the Bounce Rate on Your Blog

Bounce rate is a great issue for blogs, after Google Panda update. Bounce rate is a important parameter which Google accounts before ranking a website. SEO experts have always recommended lowering your bounce rate by using various techniques. People who concentrates more on good content do not have much time or expertise to optimize content for better SEO and lower bounce rate. I would be telling about WordPress plugins that has helped me to lower bounce rate.

What is Bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of readers who just read landing page article and then exits your website. Even if they need just the information you have provided and without wasting much time they closed the page. Here, you should play a considerable role by designing your blog to attract reader toward other related posts on your blog that are about the topic he/she came searching for. You can also recommend specific post to read after the content, or link your post to different posts. If bounce rate is higher than 65-70% Google feels that your website do not have quality content and thus outrank your website and you will get less search traffic.

Which WordPress plugins can help you lower the bounce rate?

Top 5 wordpress plugins Decrease bounce rate

WordPress is a great blog CMS, there are lot of free useful plugins. I have searched thoroughly, and tested these plugins on my blog for a month to see the results they produce with the bounce rate. I have received a great decrements in bounce rate on some of my blogs. It came down to about 47-49%. I am sharing the 5 plugins I used to lower bounce rate on my website.

  1. YARPP( yet another related post plugin): This is a well known plugin and most of big blog are using it. It is one of the most important plugin to suggest related articles to reader that I cannot skip so I included it in the list. It shows related posts after the content. You can show it as a list or stylize it to show with thumbnails and excerpts as per your requirement. I am getting CTR like 4-5% on related posts.
  2. MaxBlogPress strip ads: As the name suggest it is made to show link ads on a floating strip on the top of website. It is a free plugin and you can install it on wordpress. What you can do next is advertise your top posts to the reader. I am getting 2-3% CTR on this links and thus increase page views.
  3. UpPrev: This is a plugin that creates a popup for reader when they scroll to the bottom and suggest random related posts. This is a known plugins and I have seen it on big blogs. Right now this is getting me an increment of 2-3% in page-views. The content is not always related but it automatically detects which posts is most clicked and show it. It can show posts you recommend like related posts using Yarpp, Random, and previous post.
  4. Linkwithin: It is a good plugin and used by many top blogs. It shows related post with thumbnails in a clean layout. I am using both Yarpp and Linkwithin together. I have bit tuned linkwithin to show different posts. I am getting 2-3% CTR on these posts.
  5. I am using a widget to show top commentators. This plugin inspires commentators who are mostly blogger to comment more. I keep announcing goodies for top commentators and thus increase page views and lower bounce rate. This plugin has also increased avg time spend on my blog which is again a great parameter for Google to rank websites.

I am sure, these plugins will prove helpful to any kind of WordPress blogs. I am also experimenting some new plugins, will soon bring up a new post. I would like to hear your views about these plugins.

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