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If you are a fan-boy of Sony Play Station and have PS 3 console then this post of mine you will love. Games are something which make most of us to go crazy for. And after that playing games on Play Station 3, I would just feels so different, it feels like I am born to play games, all day and night. So, friends here I am listing the best ps3 games list of racing category. Some games are from the 2012 and some are from the year 2011 but indeed it is the best list. (if you want to trade in some of those 2011 games to buy new games, you can do here at musicMagpie). Check it out yourself.

#1 – Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 – best ps3 games list

Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 Best PS 3 Games list

Need For Speed Most Wanted was launched on the penultimate day of October and has made everyone insane about it and we have ranked first in our best ps3 games list. Its been only 15 days since launch and the game has already broken many records of sales. The game is launched by EA Games in partnership with Criterion Games. The Game has taken the level much higher than its predecessor. The feel of driving off roads into the grass, dirt gives an awesome experience and the music in the background along with the sound of the surroundings, engine brakes and many things will make you jump on the couch and feel the path. Each Race being preceded by a video defining the area of chase increases your curiosity towards the game by many folds.

Finding Vehicles, Smashing the security gates, go through of billboards adds more enthusiasm. The basic theme of the games wants the driver to build the reputation of being the Most Wanted Racer of the city. For this the racer has to go through many hurdles and beat all the top 10 Most wanted Racers to become the Top most.

Hence, in all the game is full on pass time and wont let you get off your couch for anything else.

#2 – Dirt 3 – best ps3 games list

Dirt 3 Best PS 3 Games list

Dirt 3 is structured by Codemasters, one of the leaders in the field of game developments, is recently launched and stands second in our best ps3 games list. As you can judge by the name, Dirt 3 directly put on the track of dirt or you may say heavy dirt, snow, grass and gravel.  A large variety of cars to choose from, and also cars can be unlocked as you go higher in the game. The game is basically based on Rally in America, Europe and Africa. The controls are so touchy that the slightest touch on controls turns the cars so swiftly, so you need to concentrate on your controls a lot and we can say that it is one of the challenging parts of the game.

The graphics are too good to play and synchronized music blends in with it to give a real rally race like feel. The transitions while outside the track are also nice. The Game is truly commendable and a must play category one.

#3 – Formula One – best ps3 games list

Formula One Best PS 3 Games list

The Formula One is a racing game released by Codemasters ranking third in our best ps3 games list. The Formula One is is racing game that gives a complete F1 racing experience. The game starts with an amateur racer from the racing grounds of Abu Dhabi. With the time spent on the game, racer’s skill develops gradually and after that the racer feels more and more fun as his performance improves. Quality the game offers you, you won’t ever think to leave this. You can customize the cars the way you like but you have to be careful as it changes the performance quite abruptly. The graphics of the game feels like so true and the bigger the screen you use to play on, you just feel like experiencing the original race track as the sound of the game is so realistic. All the things happening around makes you feel as if you the racer in reality. The ultimate challenge you face here is the difficulty to move forward in the game, but optimistically this will encourage you to perform better in the next race. Playing the game you will come to know about all the things that happen in a racer’s life.

#4 – Ridge Racer Unbounded – best ps3 games list

ridge racer unbounded game Best PS 3 Games list

Ridge Racer Unbounded is released by Namco Bandai. As the name tells, the racer that destroys the world around and nothing can bind it. It is not just a powerful machine that drifts and performs burnouts, but it much more than that. Your car is the ultimate machinery of destruction. The cars perform the giant jumps, the buildings blasts and the whole game is based on destruction of the space around you. The environment is one city Shatter Bay in case of single player. All the race are in the urban estate and around the under construction building sites. The game is fully combative and actionista. The race is not just about finishing in the top three, but more importantly you need to take down the racers, triggering explosions and earnings rewards.

In all, the game offers you complete action racing experience which more than just playing it once. Trust me, the game will make you go crazy for each and every moment while playing. IT surely deserves the fourth ranking in our best ps3 games list.

#5 – NASCAR The Game : Inside Line – best ps3 games list

NASCAR The Game : Inside Line - Best PS 3 Games list


NASCAR Inside Line is designed by ActiVision stands fifth on our best ps3 games list. This is a ultimate experience of race tracks and fighting for the pole position to win. The graphics are so great that the moment you see the race track and cars on it, you will definitely become a true fan of the game. The sound produced by the engines, brakes, skids, drifts and everything is so engaging to create a real Race like atmosphere at your place. The controls are not difficult, but not so easy as well. A lot many race tracks are available and cars to choose from. Everything in the game makes it so real.  So, what are you waiting for grab your console and just race it out to be the best.

#6 – Need For Speed Hot Pursuit – best ps3 games list

 Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Best PS 3 Games list

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is designed and launched by EA Games in partnership with Criterion Games launched a lot ago stands sixth on our best ps3 games list. This is the first game of EA Games with Criterion and when you play this, you will never feel like the partnership is new. This is divided in to section. One section consists of races, pursuits, one on one fight it outs, where the player plays a role of a bad racer. In another section, the player will enact a cop and the on duty is just ready to shut down the races and bust the racers as soon as possible. Gradually, the racer becomes powerful and gains weapons installed in the cars whether he is cop or a damn bad racer.

In all the game is too good to play and bound to make you an addict, till you finish the game. The graphics quality of game is awesome and every minute detail, shadows, sunlight distractions everything is present and creates a complete racing like experience at your place. The songs in  background, sound of engines, brakes, drifts, collisions, bust are marvelous. The introductory videos create curiosity of begin the race as soon as possible and defines the base of the race. The game is perfectly blend with all sorts of things that will keep you bound to the couch.

#7 – Need For Speed The Run – best ps3 games list

Need For Speed The Run Best PS 3 Games list

This game constructed and launched by EA Games in partnership with Criterion Games is one of the best in the NFS series standing sisxt on our best ps3 games list. The game is based on the Run for life of a racer from San Francisco to New York to win the Grand prize on reaching as the first one there leaving behind 200 competitors. The racer starts with a simple car but gradually through the game builds the skills and becomes a pro racer and similarly the car is side by side updated and new cars are unlocked as the racer proceeds more and more towards New York. The racer races on my many terrains like grassy, mountainous,  river bank side, country side, urban estate,snowy station and hard rocks and desert like terrain. The game consists of various kinds of races and some of them being with the cops making it a pursuit hardens it to clear. The game has many level to choose from an amateur to an expert, expert being the hardest one. The difficulty in controlling changes according to the terrains.

The graphics of the game are ultimate quality and the music and sound makes it more and more engaging and entertaining. It is a must play once game.

#8 – Need For Speed Shift – best ps3 games list

Need For Speed Shift Best PS 3 Games list

The game is a bit older when compared to Hot Pursuit and The Run, yet a fascinating game standing eight on our best ps3 games list. This game was out by EA Games in partnership with Black Box . The game is based on pure racing experience. The game takes you through different levels from start to end the gradually the difficulty increases. The levels are defined in the game and the targets are very clear. There are Different Tier to play in. Also in this game, a complete customization of car is possible which makes it like a life of a racer.

What makes it different from other Need For Speed games is the pure racing experience. If you cut the path, like taking a shortcut, you might be disqualified for repeated practices after warnings, such things are not present in other versions. Since it is an EA Games product, so no doubt the graphics quality, the music and the sound related to the car and surroundings is outstanding. This Game is for those who like to run the car on the track and not off roads and that too mostly bounded by railings on both the sides, breaking those will cost you heavy penalties.

So, finally I would say whatever it may be, just take your Play Station and start playing games as you have best ps3 games list of great games to play. Hence, grab your couch along with drinks and snacks and say GET SET GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you feel we left out any reputed and outstanding racing game or you want to tell your racing experience you are most welcome, do share with us in the comments section. Indeed the best ps3 games list we have provided you, if you have want us to rank anymore in the list, do let us know.

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  • November 19, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    NFS games are the best racing games ever made in this gaming world. Each and every game with so much graphics quality. I just love them.
    Some time ago I played Dirt 3, this was a good game to but cant beat “THE NFS”. Nice Work.


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