Top Apps for Windows 8 Operating System

After the launch of the most awaited Windows 8 OS on oct 26th 2012 , it has grabbed the eyes of many users all over the world . Unlike all other previous version OS , it has the special feature. e of app store.  Actually windows 8 comes along with few predefined apps as the package, other than that user can download and use the apps which are available in the store.

Apps are differentiated in various categories. Like games, finance, personnel, social, lifestyle, health etc. depend on the users requirement user can go to the categories and choose the apps , download and enjoy the apps in their system.

There are few apps which are must for the pc’s or tablets.


It is one of the popular app in the apple store, we can find this app in all iPad and iPod. It allows the users to sketch and edit the images. With the touch interface, user can sketch to their wish, it also supports with mouse also. It is fist released in the metro store as the trial version. As expected it gets its own place in windows store also.


It is one of the famous app in all the three markets now its in windows store also. It is the most popular app in the android, iOS and the windows phone market. Now the developers of the Accuweather left their foot print in windows store also. it comes with attractive home scree and dynamic weather report to the user and the user can also check weather for the next few days also.


This app is for the bloggers, who are fan on word press. Word press have deployed this app in the store where you can work offline too. By installing that app in your machine, you will be asked to sign in to the account. By doing that you will have the complete hands over your blog. You can work in your blog in both online and the offline mode.


Netflix if similar to the hulu+. Both has its own fans, of not hulu+ then its Netflix.  This is an entertainment kind of app where you can have complete access to your favourite shows. It has the large collection of movies. The slide feature is excellent full of colourful pictures, awesome slide and the touch gives you awesome experience of that app. It also shows your favourite shows and the recent viewed shows.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane:

It is a game kinda app , available in the xbox stores. This app is famous in the iOS market. It has excellent touch interface and with the accelerometer it gives the real gaming experience. Unlike the other gaming installing in the desktop, windows 8 metro app hydro thunder hurricane comes like the mobile app. With the touch interface and the motion sensor we get good gaming experience in the tablet pc and in case of the non-touch interface we can control the game with mouse, keyboard and the USB. It is one of the paid app in the metro list. Even though it is the paid app, it has its features and Worth the money.