There is nothing that is perhaps more annoying than unsolicited phone calls or text messages to your smart phone. Contacting your cellular provider won’t help, because they can’t directly control who is calling you, once someone has your number, either from purchasing the information or by sending random text messages or phone calls, it’s just a matter of time before you start getting hundreds of unwanted calls and messages and your phone start getting inundated by those unwanted junk. Fortunately, if you have an Android smart phone, there are several apps you can use to block these unwanted calls and messages.

Free Call / SMS Filter Apps –

Call Filter – Call Filter is an Android app that blocks incoming calls from unwanted, blocked sources that you’ve designated previously. The interface is basic, but the blocking capability is effective nonetheless.


SMS Filter – Like Call Filter, SMS Filter stops the unwanted SMS messages. With this app, you have the ability to add or remove phone numbers to a running blacklist. It even logs blocked messages in a file. and silently blocks messages to maintain your privacy. For your reference each blocked SMS message is viewable with the time and date it was received.


SMS Blocker – SMS Blocker uses some of the most advanced technologies to block unwanted SMS and text messages from your Android phone. The app is kept current with a database of blacklisted sources that are blocked from your phone. The interface is easy to use and understand, and allows you to have complete control over approving and blocking specific sources.


Call Blocker – Call Blocker helps you cut down significantly on the number of times your valuable time and minutes are wasted. With this app, you can easily block calls from unwanted callers at the press of a single button. This app also blocks SMS text messages and that too at the touch of a button. The interface is easy to use and understand, and is created to resemble the Windows default interface.


Premium Call / SMS Filter Apps –

Call Guard – Call Guard blocks both incoming unwanted calls as well as unwanted SMS text messages. It’s a premium app. Unlike many other call blocking apps, Call Guard leaves absolutely no trace of an unwanted incoming call or message, so your privacy is kept confidential. You can also choose to allow the app to answer your calls from unwanted sources, without allowing them to go to voice-mail.


Advanced Call or SMS Blocker – Using Advanced Call or SMS Blocker, you can block all incoming and outgoing calls, block numbers that aren’t in your contacts, and block numbers that start with the most common prefixes used by telemarketers. In addition, the app can send off a custom text message on block to the blocked number.


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