Top Features of Micromax YU Yureka Smartphone – Is it worthy?

A bold decision that Micromax took last year to cultivate its brand value in Indian market was to start their separate wing for smartphones running on Cyanogen Mod OS. The wing is named YU and Yureka is their first device that is available in Indian market at a price of 8,999INR.

Micromax kept its decision of selling YU Yureka through online ecommerce platform till end and you can buy it through Amazon India only. Cyanogen partnership with Micromax is itself a big deal and so does this first device that came out. It got valuable specifications which can help it to compete with other smartphones available in its price group.

Top Features of Micromax YU Yureka

But having better specs doesn’t guarantee better performance. So after reviewing the device on my own I came up with lots of pleasing points. I’m writing all those top features which make Micromax YU Yureka worthy.

Top Features which Makes Micromax YU Yureka Worthy

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#1 Great Performance

One of the eye catching points in performance section was the boot time of this device. I’ve been using Nexus 4 and 5 smartphones which come directly from Google laboratory running on untouched Android experience but they still take comparatively longer time while booting. So the very first experience of starting YU Yureka was pleasant.

Installing apps and games and playing with them was also impressive. Thanks to its octa-core CPU that comes bundled with 2GB of RAM. The graphics performance was also better than any other device available in Yureka’s price group and that’s achieved because of using a 64-bit architecture SoC.

Whether you wish to use it mainly for communication purpose or for average scale of gaming, the device is never going to offer inferior experience.

#2 Big HD Display

Samsung and Micromax were first to fetch a lot of money by offering phablet sized smartphones in Indian market which later became a common size. This first device from YU is no exception. It comes with 5.5 inch display that is added on IPS panel housing 267 pixels per inch. The maximum resolution supported is 720×1280 pixels which is another impressive factor.

Because of IPS panel on the back, viewing angles were good enough to retain end-user experience but having just a HD resolution on such big display isn’t that enjoyable. If the resolution was around full HD then it could have been much better but again we can’t complain about it at the price this unit is available at.

#3 Software

Software is the main reason behind its existence. It runs on Cyanogen Mod OS 11 which is based on Android 4.4 OS. The software truly utilizes the specifications offered within the device and thus runs undisturbed.

Micromax YU Yureka Cyanogen

There are lots of special options that are available within this device because of this special operating system. Also this is the first device that can be rooted without spoiling warranty terms and conditions.

Cyanogen has also promised to bring Android 5.0 version based update to this device faster than any other device in India which is another impressive news that further supports our decision of buying it.

#4 Sony Powered Camera

Yureka comes with 13MP rear camera powered by Sony IMX135 lens and 5MP front camera. Its common that camera at rear to support wide angle view but Yureka got the same in front one as well which practically helps in bringing more faces in any selfie it can capture.

Micromax YU Yureka Camera

Due to presence of Sony’s camera technology in its rear camera, it can be listed among best camera smartphone in its price group any day. Again because of Cyanogen OS, camera app’s performance was way better than I was expecting in a device of this price range.

#5 Other Invigorating Features

Right now it’s the cheapest smartphone buzzing Indian market that comes with LTE network compatibility. It also supports dual-SIM cards which is additional benefit.

Micromax YU Yureka Back Panel Battery

If even 32GB internal storage was never sufficient for you then an additional microSD card can be added into. It’s impressively designed and brings a fresh feel from the very first moment you’ll hold it.


I was always on the plus side for this device from the moment it was announced to be launched in India and it came out as expected. To get all the features mentioned above running throughout a day on Micromax Yu Yureka it’s powered by 2500mAh battery. If you’re done making decision about Yureka then buy it now from Amazon.

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