Top Five Coupon Apps for the iPhone and Android

Are you an iPhone person or do you prefer Android? Regardless of where you fall on the mobile spectrum, one thing’s for sure. You probably enjoy saving money. Well, there’s good news for you mobile users, no matter which phone you carry on your person. With the slew of coupon apps out there, you can save money on everything from a trip to the grocery store or gas station or a holiday in the Bahamas.

Follow along and find out about five of the best coupon-specific mobile applications on the market today

1: Coupon Sherpa

Top Five Coupon Apps for the iPhone and Android

With the slogan “Save More at Every Store,” Coupon Sherpa is an iPhone app that monitors your location before giving up the goods. For example, if you’re traveling in a new city and need to grab a bite to eat, Coupon Sherpa will give you coupons for local stores and restaurants in the area. Although the app is best known for its deals on books, toys, clothing and other similar items, you can also get a lot of grocery coupons from the app.

2: Grocery IQ

Top Five Coupon Apps for the iPhone and Android

Another app for the iPhone (any version you have), Grocery IQ makes the list due to its grocery-specific premise. The average family is spending nearly $200 a week on groceries, with food prices continuing to increase. This app works with big-name coupon sites, like, to find the best deals around on groceries. You can find printable versions of coupons or digital coupons that can be loaded to your loyalty/VIP card.

3: Coupon Cloud

Top Five Coupon Apps for the iPhone and Android

Android’s answer to iPhone’s Coupon Sherpa, the Coupon Cloud app is a very user-friendly, thorough coupon database that can be accessed instantly. It’s built for on-the-fly coupon-surfing. If, for instance, you’re already in the store and are reminded to check for a coupon, you can easily browse through the categories and quickly load up an assortment of coupons to help you save big.

4: SuperSaver

Top Five Coupon Apps for the iPhone and Android

This particular iPhone coupon app is a real up-and-comer in the coupon-clipping (or coupon-browsing, as it were) world. With the map-based location, you can click on the area in which you’re hunting for deals. This is great if you already know your way around an area. And instead of having the codes sent to your card or having to print the coupons, you can simply show your phone to the cashier and he or she will punch the code into the register for your savings.

5: Grocery Smarts

Top Five Coupon Apps for the iPhone and Android

Available for Android, Grocery Smarts is a different type of coupon app. There are no codes to deal with, nor any printing or card transferring. Instead of offering actual coupons, Grocery Smarts thoroughly searches through a store and locates every item the store has on sale. This is great for shoppers because only a small percentage of on-sale items actually make it to the circular. So you can simply browse this app to find every deal the store has.

From these five different apps, you can truly deduce just how different coupon applications are. While some are similar and share features, others present a unique take on coupon-clipping that is sure to satisfy the penny-pincher in you. And these five apps are only the tip of the iceberg.

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