Top reasons not to buy a tablet

You might feel it weird as my last post was about “Should I buy a tablet?” and here I am writing consecutive next post about “Top reasons not to buy a tablet”. But let me explain this to you, I thought of writing a long article including both reasons to buy and not buy tablets. But such long articles tend to drift away user’s interest specially when there are not many images or videos in the post. Also another reason is, I did not want to confuse those who were preparing themselves to go for a tablet and so I have kept this article separate for those who criticize tablets and think they are another form of digital junk in the universe!

Critics aloud in my support!

Reasons you SHOULD NOT buy a tablet

Why Tablets when I already have a Laptop

This is one of the points that require strong and valid justification before one buys a Tablet. Whatever you can imagine a Tablet doing can already be done by a laptop. Just because Tablets are light weight doesn’t make them more portable. Laptops still remain portable.

No tactical feedback

Touch screens are on demand but touch screens aren’t the best thing. Mobiles are acceptable as they are small screen and are not used too frequently for business purposes. Also touching a glass doesn’t make you feel the difference between the letters you are typing. And so, not recommended for typing or composing large stuff.

When arguing about productivity, how much are Tablets really capable of

Yes I agree they are productive, but till what extent. After investing on a device, will you accept it’s limitations, Especially when you already have better options such as notebook and laptops? Can Tablets run fully fledged photoshop? Or can they help you in coding a small script? Can you edit a video and add effects to it? We are not talking about the small fun applications here, we are talking about serious business.

Are tablets as portable as our smartphones?

No, they are not. Tablets weigh 10 times more than a smartphone and still do bit more than a smartphone. Smartphones actually defines portability, as you can keep them in pocket and forget. But when you have to carry an extra case or bag for your tablet, which simply isn’t what portable means. Because then even Netbook or Ultrabook are portable and can do more than Tablets.

Where are the real juice sucking Games if it’s an entertainment device?

Can I play a clan based multiplayer game with 64 members simultaneously like Counter Strike or Battlefield? What about games like Crysis and World of Warcraft? May be Tablets like iPad provide you some high graphics full HD games but then they come for a price. $500+ on an laptop is still worth it then on an iPad for sure.

Tablets will be old in coming time

Everything evolves and so does technology. There was a time when Desktop ruled, but then laptop came, then notebooks, then netbooks and now ultra books. Similarly Tablets will be replaced by something better in near future and we’ll talk like “remember tablets?” way.

It’s a survival’s world

There are majorly 3 options in terms of OS available for PC users i.e. Windows, Linux or Mac and all three are actually portable to each other. What I mean to say is, a user with a PC has freedom to install either Windows or Linux or Mac (partially) or through virtualization multiple OSs and does not have to invest again on hardware. Also a wide variety of applications across all platforms are present to suit every individual’s requirement. But, when we talk about Tablets you have just 2 choices: Android or iOS! And also the hardware is not reusable; if you are with Android you are with Android forever and similarly if you are with iOS you are stuck there. The one that survives will have updates and apps keep on coming, but the one that doesn’t will sink with all its user’s money.

At some point Tablets does look as a great option and even I was tempted to buy the new iPad. But after almost so many months, I still do not feel like replacing my laptop completely with iPad. And most of the times I use my laptop for all important works. Even if we talk about this article, I can never imagine writing this big article on my iPad even with an external keyboard.

5 thoughts on “Top reasons not to buy a tablet

  • September 4, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    When all are jumping on the bandwagon to buy a tablet,this article provides some great insight on why not to buy a tablet.Some great lateral thinking here.

  • August 21, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    Hi Ubald,

    I am glad that you enjoyed the read, I have answered all your questions separately. Please see my responses below –

    Will it be possible to install Windows 8 (for mobile devices) on Tablets and Smartphones that previously had Android OS installed on them?
    –As far as we are considering a legal method, there won’t be one. But yes once Windows 8 for tablets is out, maybe some great minds will be able to port it to Android Tablet. I say maybe, because there are limitations with each OS and also Windows 8 is going to be a license based version.

    Will Windows 8 for Mobile devices support legacy hardware?
    –No! As per my knowledge and readings, Windows Phone 8 (Windows 8 for Mobile) will not support any of the existing devices.

    Will it be possible to purchase/download Windows 8 for Mobile devices and install it like we do it on PC?
    –No, you won’t be allowed to buy Windows Phone 8. Only OEM have that permission and they buy and develop devices to be run on WP 8.

    Hope this clears the clouds a bit. For 100% confirmed answer we surely need to wait and watch.

    • August 22, 2012 at 8:44 pm

      Thanks for the quick revert. 🙂

  • August 21, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Good Article,

    I was pondering over the thought on what should be my next smart phone with options as IPhone 5 ( or whatever it may be named) or Samsung Galaxy Note 2.On the other hand I am expecting Windows 8 for Mobile (and PC) to be a great hit . This will turn tables around with the magnitude of applications that will be available for PC.

    This brings me to my Question:Will it be possible to install Windows 8 (for mobile devices) on Tablets and Smartphones that previously had Android OS installed on them?

    Will Windows 8 for Mobile devices support legacy hardware?
    Will it be possible to purchase/download Windows 8 for Mobile devices and install it like we do it on PC?

    Please let me know your response on this.

    I am sure I am asking this question even before the OS Win8 has been launched but i think this will be one of the common questions (at least in geeks).

    Ubald Fernandez


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