Top Reasons to Buy the Xiaomi Mi Pad!

The budget tablet market has been relatively dry in the recent times but with the launch of Mi Pad from Xiaomi, has caused quite a stir in the tablet sector. Where most of the companies are mostly diving into the budget smartphone category,Xiaomi went a step ahead and changed the game with its Mi Pad and invented a new High-Spec Low Price tablet category. Only time will tell, if other manufacturers try to capture this segment.


As of now the Mi Pad stands above all the tablets in its budget range and well above it. Here are some reasons to buy the Xiaomi Mi Pad!

Price for Perfomance

Xiaomi has been a company which has always provided high quality hardware with amazingly priced products. Mi Pad with a price of Rs 13,000 stands tall in the tablet market with no other tablet even coming close to it. The only device with similar specs is Nexus 9 which costs about Rs 24,000, a difference of Rs 11,000. Ofcourse Nexus 9 has its own advantages, but for budget users, it’s their Nexus 9.

Unmatched Screen Quality

While most of the manufacturers struggle to provide a full HD screen at this price, Xiaomi went a step ahead and slapped a 2K IPS LCD panel to the tablet (2048 x 1536 pixels) , with this resolution gives a PPI of 326 which is really awesome for a 8 inch tablet.


Gaming, reading, watching movies will be an absolute treat in this tablet.

Beastly Specs

With 2.2 GHz NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, the Mi Pad easily beats or stands equal with the most expensive pieces of hardware in the market right now. It can easily run any game or any app for that matter from the Play Store as of now.

With 2 GB of RAM which gives you easy multitasking, you don’t have to worry about laggy interface or anything of that sort.

Battery Life

The 6700 mAh Lithium – Ion Polymer in the Mi Pad helps the Mi Pad last much longer than other tablets in the same price range. A looping video playback lasts 11+ hours. This gives us an idea about how good the battery of this device is. Cool!


Normally you don’t care about cameras in a tablet, but Xiaomi cared about it. The Mi Pad packs a 8 MP rear and a 5 MP front camera with full HD recording. So if you happen to have just your tablet and had to click a important picture, the Mi Pad won’t disappoint you.

An Excellent Device!

This is a really awesome device to own, whether its watching videos, reading stuff, playing games, or even clicking pictures, the Mi Pad due to its awesome screen and beastly hardware gives you a totally awesome experience which no other tablet in the same price range can provide as of now.

The only problem that you might have is regarding after sale service provided by Xiaomi, well there are service centers of Xiaomi throughout India but one can’t really comment on how that might turn out. If you don’t really care about after sale service, the Xiaomi Mi Pad is the tablet to go for! Happy Shopping!

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