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We all love to watch TV Shows & Series. TV shows act as an excellent source of entertainment in our busy lives. It is already scientifically proven that watching light-hearted comedy TV shows can help in fighting stress & anxiety. There are multiple ways to download and watch TV Shows on the Internet but not all of them are legal. You can anytime use the torrent to download your favorite TV shows but it is not ethical and is a crime. A lot of effort and money is put into making a TV show and when you try to download them unethically, you become a part of Piracy World.

It may surprise you but there are many ways to stream your favorite TV Shows & series Online. Here we are listing top sites to stream TV shows & series online.



It is impossible to complete this list without mentioning YouTube. YouTube is currently the most popular and widely used website to watch video content and stream tv series on the Internet. YouTube features a mammoth amount of video content which can be accessed easily without paying a single penny. You can watch entire seasons of TV shows on YouTube in HD quality. Though it becomes difficult to find the latest shows but if it is your lucky day you may get what you wish.



Netflix is a great website to watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows and that too in excellent quality. Netflix even has its own TV series and you can watch even movies too. It does ask for a mere monthly fee but the quality and content if offers, the fee is worth paying. You can also watch documentaries on Netflix and can share your account with your friends. The content is beautifully divided into categories and the mobile app helps in watching TV shows on the go on your smartphone.

Popcorn Flix

popcorn flix

Popcorn Flix offers thousands of free TV shows and movies. It is owned by Screen Media Venture which is an independent distributor of media to the television market. It is completely legal and free. All the major TV shows and movies are just a click away as there is no need for any registration. Since it is an ad-supported website you may have to wait sometimes and watch few commercials during watching your favorite movie or TV Show. The best part about Popcorn Flix is their categorisation. On other sites, you will just find Horror category but on Popcorn Flix, you have categories like Scary Good, Demons, Vampires, Cult etc.



Crunchyroll is for those who love to watch anime and manga online without downloading. It features over 25000 episodes and closes to 15000 hours of the latest and greatest anime series. You can easily watch all the latest anime along with the previous seasons. You just need to sign up and can also buy a premium membership to stream the latest episode immediately after the TV broadcast in Japan. Crunchyroll offers over 800n anime shows, close to 200 Asian drama and 50+ Manga titles. It is the exclusive worldwide digital distributor for Kadokawa anime titles. It recently passed the one million mark of paid subscribers.



Crackle is one of the most underrated places for watching TV shows and movies online. It is present everywhere and used worldwide but still, it is not getting the popularity and fame which it deserves. It doesn’t need any authentication or cable subscription and is completely free. You just need a free account and it saves your content so that you can continue from where you left. One can also create a list of his favorite movies and TV shows to watch later. The best part of Crackle is that you can easily find the popular shows and movies which you are planning to watch.



Just the fact that Hulu is a joint venture of The Walt Disney, 21st Century Fox, Comcast and Time Warner is enough to get an idea how great it is. It offers both free and paid content. Hulu is a famous name in the world of online streaming and is there on the market since last ten years. Hulu also offers a mobile app so that you don’t miss watching your favorite TV shows when you don’t have access to your PC.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime

Last but not the least in our list is Amazon Prime Video. Amazon is a household name across the globe. Just like Amazon, Amazon Prime Video is a wonderful platform to watch TV Shows and Series legally. Though you have to buy the prime membership from Amazon to get access to it but once you get it, you are welcomed by a huge library of popular TV Shows, Series, movies, and documentaries.

There is no need to adopt the illegal way when you have so many legal options to watch your favorite movie or TV shows. All these websites offer HD quality content and are perfectly legal to use. Let us know which one would you like to use.

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