Top Ten Best Hackers of The World

Top Ten Best Hackers of The World

The Ten Biggest Legends of the Hacker Universe:

The culture started from the, The hackers culture. Now I am an ethical hacker and many more people like me either interested in or wanted to be hacker, DO you know why is that so? Answer is these guys made term hacking popular worldwide. I know they were bad boys, but as an ethical hacker I salute their intelligence, their dedication, and everything they did.

For the users of this blog I am specially posting the names of top 10 hackers of the world who sometime in the past really rocked the news of the world.

Kevin Mitnick: Known worldwide as the “most famous hacker” and for having been the first to serve a prison sentence for infiltrating computer systems. He started dabbling when he was a minor, using the practice known as phone phreaking. Although he has never worked in programming, Mitnick is totally convinced that you can cause severe damage with a telephone and some calls. These days, totally distanced from his old hobbies and after passing many years behind bars, he works as a security consultant for multinational companies through his company “Mitnick Security.”

Gary McKinnon: This 41-year-old Scotsman, also known as Solo, is the perpetrator of what’s considered the biggest hack in the history of computer science – into a military system. Not satisfied with this, in the years 2001 and 2002, he made a mockery of the information security of NASA itself and the Pentagon. Currently he is at liberty awarding his extradition to the U.S. and prohibited access to a computer with Internet connection.

Vladimir Levin: This Russian biochemist and mathematician was accused of having committed one of the biggest bank robberies of all times by means of the cracking technique. From Saint Petersburg, Levin managed to transfer funds estimated at approximately 10 million dollars from Citibank in New York to accounts he had opened in distant parts of the world. He was arrested by INTERPOL in 1995 at Heathrow airport (England). Although he managed to rob more than 10 million dollars, he was only sentenced to three years in prison. Currently he is free.

Kevin Poulsen: Today he may be a journalist and collaborates with authorities to track paedophiles on the Internet, but Poulsen has a dark past as a cracker and phreaker. The event that brought him the most notoriety was taking over Los Angeles phone lines in 1990. A radio station was offering a Porsche as a prize for whoever managed to be caller number 102. It goes without saying that Poulsen was the winner of the contest.

Timothy Lloyd: In 1996, information services company Omega, provider of NASA and the United States Navy, suffered losses of around 10 million dollars. And it was none other than Tim Lloyd, an x-employee fired some weeks earlier, who was the cause of this financial disaster. Lloyd left a virtually activated information bomb in the company’s codes, which finally detonated July 31 of that same year.

Robert Morris: Son of one of the forerunners in the creation of the virus, in 1988 Morris managed to infect no fewer than 6,000 computers connected to the ArpaNet network (one of the precursors to the internet) He did it from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and for his criminal activities he earned a four year prison sentence, which was finally reduced to community service.

David Smith: Not all hackers can boast of creating the virus that spread the fastest to computers the width and breadth of the globe – David Smith can. In 1999, the father of the Melissa virus managed to infect and crash 100,000 email accounts with his malicious creation. Smith, who was thirty years old at the time, was sentenced and freed on bail.

MafiaBoy: In February of 2000, many of the most important online companies in the US, such as eBay, Yahoo and Amazon, suffered a technical glitch called Denial of Service, which caused a total of 1700 million dollars in losses. But did these sites know that the perpetrator of the attack was a 16 year-old Canadian who responded to the alias MafiaBoy? Surely not, although it didn’t take them long to find out, thanks to his bragging about his bad deed to his classmates at school.

Masters of Deception (MoD): MoD was a New York cyber-gang that reached its apogee in the early 90s. Under the cover of different aliases, its biggest attacks involved taking over telephone lines and centres of the Internet, then still in its infancy. During this time McD starred in the historic “battles of the hackers,” along with other groups like the Legion of Doom (LoD), as they sought to destroy each other until the computers couldn’t take it anymore.

Richard Stallman: Since the early 80s when he was a hacker specializing in artificial intelligence, this hippie-looking New Yorker has been one of the most active militants in favor of free software. At MIT he firmly opposed the privatization of the software used by the institute’s laboratory, so much so they he created what today is known as GNU and the concept of CopyLeft. Popular systems like Linux utilize the GNU mode and Stallman is currently one of the gurus of software democratization.

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  1. I need help of some hacker to get information of one unsolicited mail that we have received.

    It is ruining my life and job 🙁


  2. Don’t waste your time please continue your study. You will have more time after your 10th. Connect with me then, I will tell you some tricks. Not now, ok?

  3. hackers are clever-OK, I get that, BUT why do hackers hacked into harmless ordinary people’s email accounts, IS’NT THAT STUPIOD, A WASTE OF TIME?????????????Why not hack into spies’s bank accounts, and publish the bank accounts statements, and where these spies got their money from? you could create a new ‘JAMES BOND HACKER’!

  4. I’m done reading u guys comments. i wanna be hacker, plz guide me, learn this read that. its all bull shit. Hacking comes from the inside. there are some people who are born to be hackers. they become the real hackers. guys like us only study books to be like them.
    This is reality learn for urself and learn everything and most importantly practical practical practical. thats how my cyber career is going on. my best teacher is my practice. I try to do everything either i know it or not i just freek with everything and u guys should do the same

    • Mr. Rehman, it’s not that difficult to hack a WiFi password. However, be informed that this is not legal, though not a serious crime. Well, lemme tell you how to do this.
      Ahmed, all you need to do is learn basic Linux and install Backtrack 5 OS in you system, preferably on a Virtual Machine. Then, open a new kernel and type these commands – airmon -ng start wlan0 bssid
      – airodump -ng mon0 wpa
      – airodump -ng -c3 -w(filename) –bssid(bssid)mon0
      file name and bssid mentioned in brackets needs to be copied from the results which the above written commands will generate. To do this you will need basic knowledge about Linux and it’s commands.
      after this use the command
      airoplay -ng -10 -a(bssid)mon0

      Now, open home folder and find the file with .cpa extension
      use command
      – aircrack -ng(file directory)
      File directory will be the same file with .cpa extension so copy and paste the same file over there.
      Again go to home directory find again a file generated with .txt extension.
      Now use command
      aircrack –ng –w(directory – the .txt extension file) (Handshake directory – .cap extension file)
      This should fetch you the password.

  5. step 1 learn basic networking and how tcp/ip protocols works because hacking begins with basic you must have a good knowledge of windows server and UNIX like OS(learn both server side and client side operating systems in UNIX like OS and windows platform OS) step 2=after completing step 1 buy books like unofficial guide to ethical hacking or hacking for dummies download all the tools mentioned in those books implement all techniques and tools mentioned on those books on on your other computer or networks that you own hacking other network that you dosent own is illegal

    • hey..thanks for the almost done with your first step..
      looking forward to learn more..
      this is getting better and interesting.
      hope i can get more advice from you in the near future.:)

  6. hi sir i am an engineering student our campus has locked wifi connection so after opening any browser it displays cyber roam so [plz tell me how to hack it one of senior was succesful in doing that so sir plz help me…………..

  7. Thanks for ur post….

    This is ridicolous the way people are behaving….. i wanna be a HACKER, i am a HACKER, how to become a HACKER, HACKER, HACKER, HACKER…… n d funniest one is i can hack facebook n gmail.

    OK a question to all the hackers n wanna be a hackers here. Who are ankit fadia & Stephen Wozniak?

    • ankit fadia is an indian guy, ethical hacker,author and security expert. this guy was master at all this only at the age of 14 and at the age of 16 he publisher his first book for ethical hacking which was the world’s bestseller.

    • Lol may be ur right but tu kaun sa apne naam se kar raha hai, woh atleast kuch kar to raha hai, koi sala agar kuch kar raha hai to tumse dekha nhi jata , agar woh karta bhi hoga to karne de uske pass kuch hai to promote karta hai, aur tere jaise chutiye logo ki attention lene ke liye aise comment karte hain, i m nt saying rahul bhut bda hacker hai but atleast black hat aur white mein sab respect karte hain including Indishell n Defcon India, woh fudu to nhi hain

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  9. hey guy
    hacking is not easy like u all think.
    if u want to become hacker u study tutorial
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  10. Jonathan James is definitely one of the best of best. He did much @16 , than anybody even think of doing the same. Read wiki.

  11. Hi al of u iam a degree student i have a ambition to b a hacker can any of the hacker vl gve me the information about any good institute tht vl teach me hacking plz its my ambition i vl b vry thnkful to u guys

    • @Mohammed khan & others with evil intension

      Mind you guys “HACKING IS ILLEGAL” dont try this. cyber law & cyber world has lesser no. of loopholes then times earlier. names mentioned here are all people from 90s. probably if any of you try to imitate any of the above personalities, cyber cell of your country will make sure to set you behind the bar for ever.

  12. i can gain access to an account if i can answer d security question i want 2 knw many othr ways 2 hack an id plzzzz teach me how 2….THANKYOU!! 😀

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  14. hi
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  15. i want to know the initial steps for hacking a password i am intrested in this i want brif explanation and demo also plz send the details for this as early as possible -murali

  16. Dude , a hacker will never claim he is a hacker , I am suppose not to talk to you anyway cause we dont talk to people who claim themself hacker , but i just cant take it , XHTML or Perl is noting , please dont judge your skill level , and pls dont talk shit , i am tired dOOd. a simple question for you , what is the differance between a hacker and a cracker . ?

  17. sir
    how r u
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  18. Actully my name is Harshit But i love Hacking So much that my parent and even my frnd started calling me Hacker i like it…………..i have yet hacked email,facebook.orkut,and some files but i need more knowledge a bout hacking so plze it is my request Help me………Thank U……

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    • he harshit u want to know more about hacking gv me your email id … i will contact u soon b,cz i have some work for u, Cliemax need a anti hackers team and i m a chief of that team if u have interested for join with us contact me on my email id

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  20. I attacked foreclosure homes spam emails I started recieving 200 a day then I decided to do something about it.. Used a brute force attack gained access to the website account that he was using to mass mail people around the world and changed his user name to fuck you and password to fuck off then I went in and removed all the hundreds of thousands of people he was spamming foreclosed home deals to.. Ever since that day I have yet to recieve another spam mail concerning foreclosed homes… If I ever do.. REXFOLLETT will be back!

  21. Well guyz ! hackin’ reeli great but v should know how to do all those..
    by d way does any onE teach us ! what is hackin’ ? and how to do ?!

    is thr any website….?! yew guys should help cuz itz reeli great to know ..Plz.. donT saY itz not game and all .. cuz d person who was askin’ about hackin’ he should be 20+..

  22. hacking hacking………………tell how to hack………………plllllssssssss want to learn hacking…………….could somebody help me…..plllllllssssssss………….. ^_^

    • hey sonam
      i can help you in this stuff.but i need your details like your study background ..and what you did till now in hacking…


    • hey sir! actually i m also a 10th std indian boy who is interested in hacking..!! yeah but i dont understand from what should I start from? i mean, i m interested in hacking just like u sir as u can be earlier in your 10th std so plz plz plz plz plz help me! i m really interstd in legal hacking sir!

  24. Thanks for giving information abt the best hackers in the world.
    Thank u!…………………………………………………………………….

    • lolz and how will u prove that?
      last month
      my team hacked 17 gov sites of turkey
      If u cant protect your own sites how could u call your self hackers?

  25. hey dude………… raymark from philipines i want to know how to hack ninja saga and i think ur the best person i know….could u help me?
    pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I am a network manager, pls can someone help me on how to contact a better IT school to run a CEH program. This’s my number pls: 2348034670614

  27. this is very nice but there are some hackers wich are very good you do not know them for now there are the best just for my thinking i think like that 🙂

    • i want to thank you for pointing that out these top 10 lists are of hackers that have bin cught not of those assasins of the cyberspace keep up the good work and remember do what you do cuz the rest of us cyber phreaks are behind you.

  28. chumps its not that easy to be a need to be a master of programers & a lot of computer knowledge & a healthy brain.

    • lad its very easy hit alt+ctrl+del twice in safemode it won’t ask for password any more & some times passsword is not required
      or u can use a bootable password cracker software by using it in cd/pendrive.

    • i know u r the best hacker and i also read many thing about and i believe after u will send me to how hack admin password


  29. wow hacking i love it but i do hate it beacsue well u can destroy with it if in bad hands however in good hands nothing is impossible

    • Hacking is not about distroying or helping its about information, to me its a way of life. read what they tell you you cant chande what they say you cant and take as many forb 500s down with you when you go, not if but when we all burn out leave a story and check in every so often,
      best wishes

  30. I want to now how escape from the PPPOE Connection becouse i want incrash my download speed!!!
    Please I Need Help!!!
    My ID from messenger it robert92matrix

  31. Pliz rainforestcoder! Don’t call ankit fadia a hacker! He sucks, he is a fake!! The book that you have mentioned is nothing but a collection of hacking tutorials found on the net! He is all show and no go!! He can be a good marketing consultant though, going by the way he has marketed himself and how he manages to get all the undeserved hype from the media!!

  32. The people missing on here are the ones who didn’t get caught or didn’t have a big mouth. Some years back a friend took me to meet a guy going by the name of Illuminati_hacker. Turns out that he was creator of the very first bot network. His house is like a castle with porsches and ferraris parked outside and his rooms are wall to wall silicon. So don’t listen to people who say these people above are the worlds greatest hackers cos the worlds greatest hackers are rich beyond belief. You are not smart hackers to play only with silicon. You need to make the money too.

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  34. b4 this i jz wacth 1 movie r thiking bout hacker…thr r so cool…even hacker oso divite by good n evil..if i bcome hacker i will jz put our hack skill n does’t hack other ppl…(i hope hope hope n wish who r hacker can help me…plzzzzzzz…ths my msn)

  35. Sandeep..
    This is not a virus, its an Windows Trick..
    Right Click > New Shurtcut > type in : shutdown -s -t 10 -c “by Apff”
    And save it..

    If u double click it i will turn ur comp off after 10 seconds..
    If u wanna cancel it go to > Run > Cmd > shutdown -a

    Ur’s APFF

  36. Hi I m Arun Chaudhary
    I want to be a great hacker
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  37. Very true satish, da best hackers in da world are unknown to us because they know how to not get caught, and some just went to far and got themselves caught. I give most respect to Gary Mckinnon and he’s been hacking Nasa and the pentagon for years without anyone knowing and he weren’t gona caught if it wasn’t for stupid incident.

  38. we see the dark side …. but these hacking scholars have an extraordinary skill … taking hacking in reverse …. its very much helpfull creating a hack proof application …. as done by the great MR. Kevin Mitnick … he owns a security center ….

    I m very much addicted to the substance ,,, wanna be a hacking master but in favour of some good deeds and probably some bad one too ….

  39. hi satish .very very informatoive topic …..thnx dude …….satish can i ask u favour plzz ….can u guide me to hack a msn password plzz….trust me im not going to misuse it ..plz trust me ….i love her nd she is going awat from me ….i just wanna know why …..plz reply me to my mailing address ..nd if u guys can help me so plzz help me ..i will be very thankful to u …….plz all of u reply me to my mailing address ..thnx……

  40. things like bypassing ip security,email,personal web profiles,phone phreaking are cool as an idea but all there original techniques don’t work and mojarity of people who invented the offense are now on defense.
    lol/know everything so to want to hack is silly n which there is little you can do which wouldn’t get you into trouble/not fun
    so its like doing homework in which is boring/pointless

  41. This world is abound of warriors . i m inborn destructive. i will be the world best cracker n chase all these hackers. well, my intention not chase nor to compete with anybody. so keep distance. i will be the world best cracker its my bet n challenge. i m son of evil.
    Ha! Ha! Ha!…………

  42. hi i’m 16 years old i know many things about computers ….i wanna b a real hacker ..but i just need somebody to help me …i’m vry good with computer ..i know how to hack windows ..get free internet…get free softwares(not demos)
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  43. there is something in my heart,i dont know it but i feel that i want to be a hacker a real one i dont want to take money i just want to work as a hacker without taking money i am now learning c++ to understand the computer lang.

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  44. Wuhuuuuu~
    So cool..
    Well,me and my boyfriend very…very…very…interesting to be a hacker..
    So coooooll~
    Although I only a student in junior high school…

  45. hi there k here. i just won to askd u that have u seen die hard 4. if ur geniush so be a hacker like them n help to world from bad persons.

  46. hi……………buddy…..
    i have an doubt…
    Is codeing knowledge important to learn hacking ?
    please…please….reply through E-Mail(….

  47. help me plz im only 13 years of age and kids i play this game called starpirates snakeheadinc and im 13 years old and the people on that are like 30-40 and stuff and they mock me and i got hacked and stuff stole from me of it and they take absolute piss out of me so i need help of someone to hack someone on game and give me there stuff or do something to them plz my account name on it depj plz

  48. Inspiring, yet all find no way to be truly ethical. Im a electrical engineering major, age 16, basically to rid the world of these scamming ISPs and outragous prices for cell phone plans, etc. I will need help and time to research, but i will devote my time to finding a way to make internet and phones free

  49. Hacking is fun but i would like to be more than a hacker! can you get me contacts to one of those guys listed up. I really need to the shit they have done? Thanks man for this info.

  50. @zuzu
    Hacking is fun when its done for productive purpose, Play with it but never harm others.Dont try to earn money by illegal means. You can be a security expert instead.
    Thanks for your comment, there are many hackers better than the ones mentioned in the above list.
    As they say Best Hackers are never known to the world

  51. hey a similar topic could be found at
    under the heading “Notable intruders and criminal hackers”.
    well, there are many more hackers in the modern day whom u forgot to mention some few i know of are Ankit Fadia(the 14 yr old indian baby hacker who wrote Unofficial Guide To Ethical Hacking),
    kaspersky(dev of kaspersky antivirus) and the 15 yr old german boy who made mydoom.a virus!
    I wouldnt like to blame you for it because, in reality, there are always many more popular hackers than you can make a list of 😉

  52. me interested to b hacker..
    it easy get many money …
    and easy to get a famous name…
    besides that me reali hope have 1 pro hacker..occur in my front…
    how to can get pro hacker..
    me very interested to b hacker..

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