Troubleshoot MSVCR100.DLL Missing From Your Computer

Troubleshoot MSVCR100.DLL Missing From Your Computer


If you search for the most common errors in windows I am sure this one has made into every list. This error commonly appears when trying to start a freshly installed program or after you have just cleaned your windows OS.

The common error is easy  to solve it, as all you need to do is install a software package which takes care of the missing DLL file and solves the problem.

I will take you through this whole process step by step.

NOTE: This guide works for Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7 so the version you are using will not be a problem, we have taken in consideration of everyone’s requirement.

Instead of the MSVCR100.DLL error you might have got the MSVCR80.DLL error sometimes,and in that case you are lucky because both of these errors can be solved by using the same method.

The first step in solving the problem is to know with what you are fighting; I mean you shoud be familiar with your system’s software architecture. Whether you are running the 64 bit or 32 version because the software package we will be downloading comes in different ranges for different architectures and if they don’t match then it will not work.

If you are sure about which version you are running then proceed to the next step.

  1. Open the right charm bar by moving your mouse to the top right or bottom right corner of your screen (You can also try the shortcut Windows+C).
  2. Click on settings and then click on PC info.
  3. An alternate way to open it is to click on the start button (if you are using windows 8.1 or 7) to go to the start menu and search for PC info and press enter to the first result.
  4. In the PC info window look for the information line titled system type followed by the architecture of your windows operating system.

Now that you know what you are running; you need to download the Microsoft C++ Redistributable Package

If you are running the 32 bits version then download it from this link ( and if you are the 64 bit version then download it form this link (

Once you have downloaded the package,you can go ahead and run it. First it will extract all the required files to its folder into your windows drive and then start the installer. The installer makes the installation proceed in a similar way you install any other program.

If you receive an error while installing the package then check the following.

  1. Have you downloaded the right version according to your system architecture.
  2. You are signed in as an administrator. If that doesn’t work then right click on the downloaded file and click on “Run as Administrator”.

If the package is already installed then run the repair which will repair the existing application and copy the files which are missing from the installed package.

After you are done installing the package reboot your system and wait for it to completely start, once done try running the software which first showed up as an error, It will not start as normal and won’t show the MSVCR100.DLL or MSVCR80.DLL error that it was showing previously.

If this article helped then consider sharing it with your friends and if you face any kind of problems with the procedure then do leave us a comment below and we will try to provide support when needed.

2 thoughts on “Troubleshoot MSVCR100.DLL Missing From Your Computer”

  1. To fix the msvcr100.dll error

    1. Just search your pc for this file
    (this file can be found in any of the angry birds)
    2. Copy that file

    3. Paste in the folder where the application is installed which is asking for the file msvcr100.dll.

  2. To fix the msvcr100.dll error
    1. Just search your pc for this file
    2. Copy that file
    3. Paste in the folder where the application is installed which is asking for the file msvcr100.dll.

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