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Not too many days since Google Plus caught fire on the web and people have started to compare Google+ and Facebook, and their potentials. While in the mean time where analyst are busy doing some serious stuff, let us enjoy Google+!

One thing you can not neglect is that Google+’s interface is too sleek and who ever got their hands on it, just loved it! But although people still “Like” Facebook and do not want to “+1” Google+ until it shows some serious stuff. Here I bring you more fun stuff to make Google+ look like Facebook.

Follow these steps:

This fun thing can be made possible using a UserScript known as “GooglePlusFacebook“. You need to install Stylish: An add-on for Web-Browsers which will help you install GooglePlusFacebook script.

Well, this is just a Browser Level Modification, so only you will be able to see Google+ in Facebook Style and not others (who do not have this script installed)! As you can see in images, The Facebook like BlueBar and other Headings makes Google+ feels like Facebook.

To get back to original Google+ theme, you can either uninstall the theme from Stylish or Completely remove Stylish Browser Add-on.

The motive of this trick is just to let you use Google+ without leaving your addiction to Facebook. Isn’t it wonderful? One more advantage is, many of us are annoyed by Facebook now. Because there are many friends, whom we don’t like and they put rubbish posts only. Thank god, Google+ is clean, at least till now.

2 thoughts on “Turn Google+ to Facebook Interface

  • July 4, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    Lol . I guess its Best for people who get home sick


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