Sometimes you find a very interesting website on internet and you liked their tools or services. Many web tools have their own Android or iOS app. But how about a PC or Mac  or Linux app? Most of the times you will be disappointed to know that they don’t have dedicated Windows or Linux or Mac app. So if you are one of those guys who love dedicated apps or hate visiting website every time, I have a trick for you.


How to Turn Any Website to Windows or Mac App?

Nativefier is a command line tool which can turn any website to OS executable app. You can turn any website to Windows or Mac app just by installing a Nativefier npm package. Nativefier uses Electron framework to create native applications for various platforms.

You just need to run one simple command to create an app of a website. Make sure you have latest node.js running on your laptop for the Windows Command line or MacOs terminal to recognize npm command. You can download latest node.js here. Only download LTS version.

Once you have downloaded the node.js just open command line in Windows or Terminal on Mac and run following command.

npm install nativefier -g

The above command installs nativefier on your PC or Mac. Now it’s your turn to create an app of website you desire. Just run the following command to turn any website to app.


Here I am trying to create an app of Medium website. Similarly you can enter any website url. It will automatically fetch an icon name for the app. In case if you want to give the app name of your choice run the following command.

nativefier –name My App

Once you create an app a new folder gets created on your desktop on Mac. You can find your app icon there. Just double click on the icon to open the website Medium as app. On Windows you can find the newly created app in the directory where you ran the command.

Nativefier automatically picks icon for the app from nativefier icons repository. You can also change the icon manually. On Mac go to the newly created folder, right click on app icon and click on Show Package Contents. Open Contents folder and then Resources folder. There you can find electron.icns. Just download your desired icon image from Google images and create an icns image on online. Now replace the electron.icns file with the new icns file. That’s it, now you have custom icon for your app.

Tutorial to Turn Any Website to Mac App?

Step by step tutorial on how to use Nativefier on Mac.

Tutorial to Turn Any Website to Windows App?

Step by step tutorial on how to use Nativefier on Windows PC.

Nativefier is a GitHub project. You can find all the instructions and documentation here. In case if you face any issues you can always get support here. Hope my article helps you in creating your native apps. If you enjoyed reading my article please subscribe to my personal YouTube channel 🙂


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