Ubuntu One and it’s amazing features

Ubuntu One is growing in popularity as a file synchronization service. Though you may think it only works for Linux-Ubuntu, the amazing part is that it works on Windows OS, Mac Os, Android, IOS and from the web too! Main Features of Ubuntu One are online sharing of files and folders, synchronizing installed applications through all of the users’ devices, streaming music to your smartphone. What is better? Ubuntu One offers 5GB of free storage space to everyone!

Sync any Folder

The default setting is that Ubuntu One syncs files inside the Ubuntu One folder in the Home directory but you can use it to sync just any file or folder, placed anywhere on the computer. To do this, right click on the folder, select the ‘Ubuntu One’ menu and then select ‘Synchronize this folder’ to start synchronizing it, like shown below,

Your synchronized folders can be managed from the Ubuntu One application.

Option to Limit Bandwidth

Though by default Ubuntu One uses all the available bandwidth for its file uploads and downloads, ib case you are on a slower connection, you can restrict its upload and download speeds by making the required changes on the ‘Settings’ pane on the Ubuntu One window.

Ubuntu One on Windows

Ubuntu offers a Windows client too, will full file synchronization support. You can use it even if you’ve never used Ubuntu before. Ubuntu One is a true cross platform file synchronization service. The Windows client looks something like the following image,

File Sharing

There are two ways you can share your files. One, from the Ubuntu One website and Second, using right click menu in your file manager. You can either share your files publically on the internet or privately, to other Ubuntu One users. File sharing using Ubuntu One website is shown below,

Synchronizing installed Software

All the software you have installed from Ubuntu’s Software Center can be synchronized using Ubuntu One between your computers. This way, you can easily keep track of all the installed software. It is as easy as the click of the mouse.

Mobile App

As mentioned earlier, Ubuntu One is not only for Ubuntu and Windows, but also for Android devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It had apps built for the mobile devices, so that you can access your Ubuntu One files form them, on the go!

Music Streaming

The Ubuntu One Music app is available for Android and IOS using which you can stream your music to your mobile device from anywhere. There is also an option to cache files on your device for offline listening. Though it costs $3.99 a month, you can use it for free the first 30 days and additionally, you get 20GB storage space. It also works together with Ubuntu One Music Store included with Ubuntu One Rhythmbox music player. That way, any music that you purchase will be instantly delivered to your Ubuntu One account and will be available in Ubuntu One Music app.

Photo Uploads from Smartphones

If you have Ubuntu One app on your smartphone, the app can easily upload your pictures to your personal Ubuntu One cloud so that you can easily access your pictures on all your devices.

Synchronizing Contacts

You can import contacts from Facebook and add them manually, Ubuntu One can synchronize your contacts and store them online. Previous versions of the software supported contact sync with evolution email client, but contact sync with Thunderbird seems to be absent in Ubuntu12.04

To manage files in Browser

You can upload files, download files or manage your existing files directly from your browser, in case you don’t have Ubuntu One installed in your system. To do this, you can access the ‘Manage your files from the Ubuntu One website’.

Manage your Devices

You can easily manage your computer of other devices linked to your account by one of the two ways. One, you can go to the ‘Device’ tab on the Ubuntu One window or two, you can go to the ‘Device’ page on the Ubuntu One website as follows,

Ubuntu One has quite a lot to offer and it is definitely an interesting use. Though I would personally like it if they increased the memory allocated to each account!