Email client, Free Email Clients for Mac

If you are Mac user, you might have already tried or used default email client. Although, the in-build email client is really awesome but still, if you need even more features and flexibilities, hence, you can try some third party email clients for Mac.

Email client, Free Email Clients for Mac

Top 5 email clients for Mac


Sparrow email client for mac

This is one of the best email clients for Mac, which is available at free of cost. Obviously, the free version does not provide tons of useful options and that is why you should purchase the full version just for $9.99. Sparrow is for them who hate so many useless features and do “to-the-point” tasks.
However, Sparrow is great in terms of user interface, utility and price. You can set up and use more than one email accounts from different service provides including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL or any other IMAP account. However, the set up process takes only few couples of seconds to be completed. On the other hand, you will be notified for each new email and that is really great for busy people.
It has a quick reply option that will let you reply to any email even faster. It comes with a minimal UI but still if you do not like to see sidebar or email preview, you can prevent by just checking an option.


InkyMail, best email client for macInkyMail is yet another free email client for Mac. You can use almost all popular email services i.e. Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Outlook etc. in InkyMail. Not only for Mac but also for InkyMail is available for iOS and Windows.
The interface is something like Sparrow and that means; you will be destruction free while using this email client. If you install InkyMail on your Mac, you will get a term that is called ADrive, which is a cloud storage that will let you send attachments faster.


PostBox, free email client for mac

This is most unique email client for Mac, which is obtainable at free of cost. You can also enlist this email client in the best email client for Windows list. However, it comes with several unique features like

  1. Unified folders
  2. Account groups
  3. Focus pane
  4. Auto tagging
  5. Unique image view
  6. To-do tagging

You should note that here is not the end of the feature list. You will also get all the features what above-mentioned apps provide.


MailTab for GmailMailTab is a free email client for Mac. You can only use Gmail using MailTab. This is the main downside and; that is, the main reason why most of the people do not want to use it.
However, if you do not use any other email service except Gmail, this is great for you. You can also purchase the premium version of Mailtab to get even more features i.e. Popup notification support, Google Talk/Google Hangouts support, Ninja stealth mode and more others.

FoxMailFoxmail, best free email client for mac

Alike Sparrrow, you can use almost all IMAP enabled email accounts i.e. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc. in FoxMail, which is available for Mac OS X 10.7 and later versions. Although, this app is not updated since last year but; still, it has not lost its popularity because it provides more litheness than any other app. The user interface is something like InkyMail and Sparrow. You can reply to anybody very quickly or take any other actions i.e. Move to, Forward etc. faster than other apps.

Bottom Line

Obviously, you can use paid applications such as MailMate, Mail Pilot, AirMail or the in-built Mac email client. However, in this list, I have mentioned some less known (except Sparrow) yet very useful email clients for Mac. All of them are available for free and; that is, a big deal.

What is your favorite email client for Mac?

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