ios 8 cydia sources repos

Cydia is one of the biggest reason why many people jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you don’t know what is Cydia then here’s a brief intro of the app. Basically it is a platform that provides you with various tweaks and customization options for your iOS device that you don’t have access to unless you jailbreak your device.

However Cydia application is incomplete without various repos and sources where you can find thousands of free as well as paid tweaks, themes and different customization options for your phone. The main thing that you need to take care of is finding the right repository as not every app can be trusted. Choosing the wrong one can have some really bad consequences for your iOS device.

So we have taken liberty in providing you a list of some of the best Cydia sources or repos to choose from. So read about these repos and choose according to your needs.

ios 8 cydia sources repos

Note: Adding a lot of repos in the app will provide you with lots of apps and tweaks but at the same time it will slow down the app and it would be a lot harder to use it. So add only the best Cydia repos and not everyone of them.

Best Cydia Sources/Repos for iOS:

1. BigBoss Repository

BigBoss repo comes in pre-installed with Cydia application. The repo has a lot of different tweaks and apps to suit your needs and to customize your phone as you like. Since the Cydia application would be incomplete without BigBoss repo, it sits at the top of the list.


2. BiteYourApple

The second on the list of the best sources would be BiteYourApple as it offers a huge collection of different themes for your iPhone/iPad and also a lot of different ringtones. Plus you get a lot of different tweaks and stuff and a lot more with this repo.


3. SiNful iPhone Repo

The SiNful repo is one of the most popular and a growing community which not only provides supports for its users but also a forum where you can get all your questions answered.


4. xSellize Repo

xSellize repo is the best Cydia repo if you are crazy about games. You will find a lot of different emulators and ROMs for games from SEGA, NES, Gameboy, Nintendo 64 etc. Apart from being the best source for finding a lot of different games, it also provides you with a number of different tweaks and stuff for your iOS device.


5. FilippoBiga

If you love to change the look and feel of your iPhone then FilippoBiga repo is the best source for you to add in your Cydia app. With this repo, you will be able to customize the looks and the gesture of your apps and you can even change the icons of the apps.


6. ModMyi Repo

ModMyi repo also comes pre-installed with your Cydia application just like BigBoss repo. Here you can find a variety of tweaks and utilities to improve the performance of your smartphone.


7. iPhoneCake Repo

Another amazing source for downloading variety of games for those who love playing games. You can find games category-wise and there are lots of games available for free.


8. iHacks Repo

With some of the most popular tweaks and themes in this repo, you will be able to customize your iPhone/iPad and change the look and feel of your device completely.


9. Insanelyi Repo

Another source to get various tweaks, themes and mods to change the look of your smartphone and give it a complete makeover.


10. PwnCenter Repo

By tweaking the look of your iPhone/iPad, you can make it look good and different, but what about making it sound better. With PwnCenter repo, you can get different multimedia content like a variety of awesome ringtones to make your phone sound better.


Wrapping it Up:

Though these are the best Cydia Source and Repos for your iOS device, the list is not limited to these 10 sources. If you want to add other repos to your Cydia app, then you can refer this list that features all the sources alphabetically.

If you think that I missed out on some great Cydia repos, then please share it with me and the readers by adding your comment below. I would love to hear back from you!

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