Unblock YouTube using Hola Browser Extension

You’ve found a lot of issues while unblocking YouTube site may be using online proxy websites or VPN software or any other method you’re aware of.

I had already shared the complete set of effective ways to unblock YouTube at any premises but here I’m going to share specific method. I’ll be illustrating a method to unblock YouTube using Hola Browser extension.

As a tech geek, it’s my duty to try and review every possible legit way to help users with a particular issue and this is the reason why I found one more method which was working effectively.

What is Hola and how to unblock youtube with it

Hola is the name of an application available mainly as a browser extension or add-on which will let you easily bypass restrictions that are imposed on any website by your network admin, college, school or office. This can also be used to access content restricted by region like BBC, Netflix, Hulu etc..

Unblock YouTube using Hola Browser Extension

It simply hides the original IP address of your internet connection system and provides an anonymous one which is of a different country (in most of the cases). It’s kind of a free VPN

This is how the location of your internet connection changes and you gain access to specific websites by spoofing restrictions implemented.

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It is easy to use and on top of all of its features, its available as FREE to use.

Using Hola Browser Extension to Unblock YouTube 

So I hope you’re all set to use this method and check it out whether it works at your end or not. All you need to care here is to follow steps mentioned down here.

  • Start the browser (Chrome or Firefox).
  • Visit Hola’s official website (link).

Hola Browser Extension 1

  • At the website, click on the button labeled as “GET HOLA, IT’S FREE!” on right-hand side.
  • In Chrome, click on ‘Add’ button when asked by a pop-up and the extension will be installed automatically.

Hola Browser Extension Chrome

  • In Firefox, click on ‘Allow’ option that will provide access to the Hola add-on and later click on ‘Install Now’ option in the pop-up.

Hola Browser Extension Firefox

That’s it! The installation process is over from your side and within few seconds, Hola will be added to your browser. You can find its shortcut on top address bar within your favorite browser.

Simply click on that and make sure it’s turned on. There is a power button within extension using which you can easily turn on/off as per requirement.

I hope this formula to unblock YouTube was simple for you. You can let all your friends know about this Hola method by sharing this guide with them.

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