Facebook Messeneger without mobile number

Facebook, the world’s top social network website, has just rolled out a brand new option to let everyone use Facebook Messenger without having any Facebook account. Although, not all people from across the globe would get the advantage of this new option of Facebook Messenger, yet, this is going to be a major update to consolidate all people under one roof.

Facebook Messeneger without mobile number

Facebook Messenger is one of the best ways to chat with friends, relatives or any Facebook friend. This is possible to share audio, video, documents or anything else using Facebook Messenger. At the same time, this is popular because this tool is available for various platforms.

Anyway, Facebook Messenger now lets you use it without any Facebook account. Only a mobile can do all the things what a Facebook account has done till date. Instead of a Facebook account credentials, you can simply enter your mobile number to sign in to Facebook Messenger.

Currently, this update has been rolled out in only four countries i.e. US, Canada, Peru and Venezuela. However, Facebook will unveil this feature to the world in near future.

How does “Messenger without Facebook account” work?

As Facebook has not mentioned any device restriction in the blog post, it seems this update has been rolled out for all the Facebook Messenger compatible devices including Android, iOS etc.

Just install the latest version Facebook Messenger on your mobile and get the screen to sign in/sign up to Facebook. On the same screen, you will get LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK and NOT ON FACEBOOK options. Just tap on NOT ON FACEBOOK link.

If you live in any of those four countries, you will get the following screen.

Facebook Messenger on IOS

Just enter your mobile number and hit the CONTINUE button. Now, your mobile number will work like a Facebook account. You will get all the people, who have synchronized their mobile numbers with their Facebook accounts and who are in your Contact list. This is how “Messenger without Facebook account” works.

By rolling out this feature, Facebook wants to get more users on Facebook Messenger and it will indirectly help Facebook to grow more in future. According to Facebook, users, who do not have Facebook account and have signed in with mobile number, will get all the features, what a regular Facebook account holder gets.

This is really a good step from Facebook side to obtain more users. Obviously, now this has a barrier but it will be lifted soon.

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