These days sharing files with friends and colleagues has become a lot simple than it used to be in the past where sending files via email was the only option available. One of the most popular online media storage website is Dropbox.


Nowadays almost every online media storage website offers ‘Upload via Email’ option where you and your friends can send files and those files would be uploaded directly to your Dropbox account. It is quite easy and flexible way share large files.

Upload files to Dropbox by Email

It may sound a little disappointing that Dropbox doesn’t has an integrated mechanism for ‘Upload by Email’ but fortunately they do offer APIs which can be used on other third-party Dropbox services like and

Now one of the major problems with these third-party services is their ‘reliability factor’. Since many of these websites are not too concrete upon Privacy options and solid business model many people don’t trust them.

Many of these third-party storage shut down due to lack of revenue so it is sort of unstable service we are talking about here therefore I would like to share another method of sending files onto your Dropbox account using email.

Send Files on Dropbox using DIY Method

Step 1: Create a new Gmail Account that would act as your Dropbox Email Address. Anything sent to this email address with attachments would be directly uploaded to the Dropbox Account.

Step 2: Now get the ‘Mail Attachment utility’ to configure your email account. Once you have downloaded the utility adjust its setting such that it check your account for new mails after every ‘n’ seconds.

This mail attachment utility lets you download only the attachments sent via email and not the full mail body which is exactly what we need to get uploaded on Dropbox.

Step 3: Set the ‘Save Location’ inside the Mail Attachment Utility to any sub-folder in your Dropbox account.

Once you have done this your Dropbox Application would run in the system background, check your files after some intervals and upload them directly to your Dropbox account.

It’s quite simple, isn’t it?

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